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Lawn Care Services in Coeur d’Alene

You can count on our local Coeur d’Alene lawn care experts to turn even the saddest yard into the landscape of your dreams. It’s true that Senske provides the best lawn care services in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Save your weekends and leave your time-consuming yard work to us! Our 75+ years of experience means we know the area well, and have healthy lawns down to a science.

We prevent and manage lawn diseases, lawn pests, and noxious weeds by taking care of lawns from the ground up. When you notice brown spots in your lawn, new weeds, or an abundance of insects in your lawn, garden, patio, or driveway, Senske lawn care professionals will be there in no time to tackle the challenge of proper diagnosis, cause, and eradication.

We Take Care of Lawn Pests & Lawn Diseases, and Maintain Healthy Growth

It’s never fun to find new pests or diseases working their way through grass and vegetation you’ve worked hard to protect and nurture. Worse, many of these challenges can be difficult to diagnose or DIY for the average homeowner. We’ve met many people frustrated with over-the-counter products or internet solutions that have gone wrong. That’s why we’re proud to offer help! Our experienced, certified lawn technicians are prepared to take on even the most challenging lawn issues including:

  • Fairy Ring
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Billbugs
  • Grubs
  • Sod Webworms
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Thistle
  • Oxalis
  • and Much More!

Stop wasting precious time and risking further lawn damage. Senske Coeur d’Alene is here to help you achieve your dream landscape so you can relax in your yard without worry. Give us a call today!

Choose Senske Coeur d’Alene Lawn Care for Your Property

Your neighbors have used us for years because we live in and understand Northern Idaho grass, turf, weather, and lawn problems better than anyone else. Local professionals are important in the Coeur d’Alene area. Once we’ve repaired your lawn, look to Senske to bring it to full health. ​We’re your local lawn care professionals and arrive with everything necessary to keep your lawn luxurious and full.

What Do I Get with Senske’s Lawn Care Services?

We’ll aerate, fertilize, inspect, treat problem areas, and maintain your sprinklers so weeds, disease, and pests stay away for good. Your neighbors with the beautiful, green lawn have been using us for years because they  appreciate local experts who can deliver the best. We’re ready to get your lawn looking just as nice! ​Hire us for the following:

  • Scheduled, regular applications of fertilizers to support lawn health and lawn growth
  • Regular turf inspections and maintenance to control grass insects, and grass weeds
  • Treatment for difficult problems such as necrotic ring spot, snow mold, and other lawn diseases
  • Seasonal or year-long maintenance options
  • State and EPA-certified, trained and licensed professional lawn care technicians.

We’re Local and Come with a Great Guarantee

​Get the best lawn care ​in Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding area. Because we live in (and love) the Northern Idaho landscape, we know the soil and plants here like the backs of our hands. Importantly, our weed and insect control services are safe for your lawn, but even more important that that, our services are also safe for your family and pets. Add to that great news the Senske Promise, and you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose. Try us to see and feel the Senske difference for yourself!

Get Senske Coeur d’Alene Lawn Care Near Me

Many people search every day for “lawn care services near me”. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. You’ve found the very best! Call us today at (208) 762-3156 and learn more about our Senske Coeur d’Alene Services.

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