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Do I Need Morning Glory Weed Treatment Services?

Is Morning Glory a Weed?

Morning Glory Weed’s scientific name is Convolvulus Arvensis. Known more correctly as Field Bindweed, Morning Glory Weed can be a troublesome nuisance to lawns and gardens. Field Bindweed roots run deep and its vines strangle other plant growth.

What is Morning Glory Weed or Field Bindweed (Convolvulus Arvensis)?

Perennial in nature, Field Bindweed grows from root systems and seed, allowing for many ways to spread. If you’re overrun with Morning Glory Weed, prepare to experience intense re-growth year upon year.

Field Bindweed grows like pole beans, remaining low to the ground until introduced to a structure they can climb. It’ll even use other plants for support and are known to entwine themselves among shrub branches and grape vines, choking out sun and growth.

In a single growing season, Morning Glory Weed is known to spread over 10 feet, sending shoots into the earth to form new roots and plants and regrow elsewhere. A single plant can produce up to 500 seeds capable of laying dormant in the earth for up to 60 years!

With multiple ways to spread, extensive root systems, and seeds that last for decades, it’s easy to understand why Bindroot is one of the most persistent, and hated weeds around. Worse, pulling these plants by hand often breaks root systems and causes more growth. Many a gardener (and farmer) has been left wondering how to kill Bindweed for good.

Bindweed vs Morning Glory Flowers

Many have asked, “Is Morning Glory a weed?”. Yes and no. While related, Morning Glory flowers and Morning Glory weeds are different. Field Bindweed (the correct name for Morning Glory Weed) is a type of noxious, climbing vine with flowers similar in shape to Morning Glory.

While they look and act similar, Morning Glory flowers come from seed and are loved by many gardeners. Bindweed growth stems from hardy rhizomes (root structures) and its seeds are not available for purchase. For more information on Morning Glory vs Bindweed, read about Morning Glory Weed identification below.

What Does Morning Glory Weed Look Like?

To identify Morning Glory Weed (Bindweed flower), look for small, alternating, arrow-head shaped leaves with lobes at the base and pointed tips. Invasive Morning Glory vine will grow prostrate on the ground unless offered a support of some kind, so you’ll frequently find tentacle-like vines of Morning Glory Weed stretching from tangled mats of itself in search of structures to climb. When stems are broken, they tend to leak a milky sap.

Trumpet-shaped, white or pink flowers – about an inch in diameter – bloom each summer and are similar looking to true Morning Glory flowers. Two tiny bracts (modified leaves) usually appear on each flower’s stem.

How Can I Prevent Morning Glory Weed In My Yard?

The best way to prevent Field Bindweed is through regular lawn maintenance. Applying proper herbicides in the late winter and early spring is a good first approach. Healthy smother crops like turf and other dense grasses can prevent Morning Glory Weed from growing, as can proper shade and watering. Remember, the healthier your lawn is, the less likely you are to see signs of any weeds at all.

Generally, pulling is not effective in fully eradicating Morning Glory Weed and not recommended unless found as a seedling. If you need to know how to kill Bindweed or how to get rid of Bindweed for good, you’ll want to rely on a lawn care professional.

It’s important to get rid of Morning Glories that are invasive to the area. If you notice an invasive Morning Glory vine or carpet of wild Morning gGlories growing on your property, you’ll want proper mechanical, and herbicide Morning Glory Weed control fast.

The Best Morning Glory Weed Killer

We’re often asked about the best Bindweed killer. If you have a systemic growth of Morning Glory, your best solution is Senske.

We understand Morning Glory Weed from the inside out and work hard to eradicate it through a series of specialized treatments so you can get to more important things. We’ll identify Morning Glory Weeds, diagnose the reasons they’re thriving, remove them from your lawn, and properly treat your yard to prevent its return.

If you’re concerned about the Morning Glory Weed in grass around your home, Senske Lawn Care professionals are the experts you need. Our 75 years of industry experience means we’re experts in Bindweed control, and our Senske Promise guarantees we’re only happy when you’re satisfied with your Morning Glory Weed treatment results.

To get rid of Morning Glory weeds in your lawn, contact a Senske Lawn Care professional today. Call (877) 944-4007 or click to request an estimate online for FREE!

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