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Enjoy a pest-free home and yard again! With Senske’s Pest Control services, your house and property will be protected against spiders, insects, rodents, and more. Pests bring in more pests, often sting or bite, harbor disease, and may cause serious structural damage. Invest in your family’s peace of mind while saving time, money, and protecting yourself by outsourcing your pest control needs to our experts! 

With Senske’s Pest Control, you can save money with our popular Pest Control Program, or customize to your needs by choosing from our top-of-the-line individual residential tree care services.

Looking for the best pest control near me? Senske’s one of the top pest control providers for a reason. Our services reflect our commitment to professional quality in all aspects of pest control. The Senske Promise guarantees we’re happy with our work when you are! Get an incredible, pest-free home with Senske’s pest control services and five-star customer support.

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Starting at $8999 Per Treatment *Prices vary by location and property sizes

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  • Bird Control Services

    Pest birds can not only cause damage to homes and structures, but also may pose health risks to your family. We know how difficult pest birds can be to remove from your property and our trained professionals are up to the job. Read More >
  • Solar Panel Bird Proofing Services

    Solar panels provide the perfect roost for pest birds who build up nest material, feathers, and feces underneath. Prevent damage to your panels, roof, home, and family with Senske's Solar Panel Bird Proofing Service. Read More >

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At Senske, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our work is completed when you're satisfied with a job well done. In short, we're happy when you're happy.

Senske offers full service Lawn Care, Tree Care and Pest Control year around. We serve parts of your community from Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Washington. Plans include a comprehensive lawn care program, a year-round pest control program, and a year-round tree care program. Senske ensures that you experience the beauty of your property and the peace of mind knowing that your home is pest-free.

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