Lawn Care Program

Comprehensive Treatment

Starting at $4999 Per Treatment *Prices vary by location and property sizes

Lawn Care Program Options

  • Early Spring Service

    Lawn fertilizer treatments for quick greening and healthy root development.

  • Spring

    Lawn fertilizer treatment designed to build turf and keep grass green. Pre-emergent weed control treatment. Lawn insect control and crabgrass control as needed.

  • Early Summer

    Slow release fertilizer treatment prevents heat stress and maintains growth. Weed control, grub control, and billbug control as needed.

  • Summer

    Lawn fertilizer treatment restores vitality during summer heat. Weed control targets fall blooming weeds.

  • Fall

    Broadleaf weed control to promote healthy growth in the spring and reduces future weed problems.

  • Late Fall

    Specialized sulphur lawn treatment helps balance soil pH level for increased nutrient availability.

  • All Seasons

    Lawn aeration to allow grass to absorb more water and nutrients throughout the year. Core aeration effectively improves the health of lawns.

Pest Control Program

Full Service Year Round

Starting at $8999 Per Treatment *Prices vary by location and property sizes

Pest Control Program Options

  • Full Service Pest Control Service

    We provide consistent protection throughout the year with our seasonal pest control services.

  • Inside Home Service Upon Request

    Our technicians are properly trained and equipped to handle both commercial service calls and home service calls. Just ask!

  • Treatment for Top Ten Common Pests

    We cover the basics and then some. Our technicians are well-experienced with a plethora of pests ranging from ants, rodents, and more!

  • Unlimited Onsite Service Calls

    We don’t give up until the problem is solved. That’s part of the Senske Guarantee!

  • Professionally Licensed Technicians

    You can have peace of mind when our professionally licensed and trained technicians come to your door. Each one is background-checked and drug-screened.

  • Seasonal Strategies

    We adapt our treatments with the changing seasons and hatching cycles.

  • Adapted for Our Environment

    Being a local company, our pest control is designed with our unique climate and natural environment in mind.

Tree Care Program

Year Round Protection

Starting at $6999 Per Treatment for Spraying* *Prices vary by location and property sizes

Tree Care Program Options

  • Dormant Treatment

    Tree application that protects against tree pests and tree diseases during winter dormancy.

  • Spring

    Tree inspection and analysis for spring insects and diseases. Prevention for threats such as powder mildew and adelgids.

  • Summer

    Tree pest inspection and control for scale insects, tree borers, and aphids.

  • Late Summer

    Tree pest inspection and control for summer pests such as spider mites and aphids.

  • Fall

    Late season pest control for mites and other tree and shrub pests.

  • Spring/Fall

    Tree injections apply nutrients to the root zone of trees and shrubs. Injection treatments stimulate growth and helps recovery from summer drought and winter cold.

  • Spring/Summer/Fall

    Soil injection for tree pest control prevents insects such as aphids long-term. Recommended for annual treatment.

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Add-on Services

Individual Senske Services

  • Event & Holiday Lighting Decor

    We’ll hang your holiday lights, take them down — and check them twice during the season. We’ll even provide the lights (based on your preference) and other accessories you might like, such as a beautiful, pre-lit wreath or animated yard decorations. Read More >
  • Lawn Aeration Services

    We extract cores of grass, thatch and soil every few inches to allow water, air, and fertilizer to move into the root, thatch, and soil area and support healthy lawn growth. Read More >
  • Bare Ground Weed Control Services

    Perfect for clearing empty lots of weeds that would otherwise require extreme physical effort to remove on your own. Earth-friendly, safe products clear without overburdening the soil or leaching harmful chemicals into precious water sources. Read More >
  • Deep Root Watering Services

    Our plants have endured one of the most stressful years, specifically in the Western US where many areas have dealt with severe drought conditions. Our plants need help recovering! You can support your trees and shrubs’ vigor, growth, health, and drought recovery with deep root watering. The treatment enhances plants’ ability to tolerate environmental stress […] Read More >
  • Lawn Disease Control Services

    We fix aesthetically displeasing, and disease-damaged lawns. Get a beautiful lawn again with our professional lawn fungus control and lawn disease treatment. Read More >
  • Lawn Fertilization Services

    Our trained professionals know the proper nutrients and minerals that lawns and soil need, as well as how to apply these nutrients for maximum results. Read More >
  • Lawn Weed Control Services

    Prevent weeds from appearing, spreading, and re-emerging with Senske's weed and feed solution. Keep your lawn healthy and green and prevent common lawn weeds like crabgrass and dandelions from taking over. Read More >
  • Lawn Overseeding Service

    Our expert team carefully lays down new grass seed so that it evenly fills in any bare spots in your lawn. Over time, grass naturally thins, and this is why overseeding can restore aging lawns. Read More >
  • Liquid Lawn Aeration

    Liquid lawn aeration has all the benefits of mechanical aeration without the mess and wait! The aeration solution is simply sprayed onto the lawn and works its magic with no manual intervention or steps. The liquid aeration creates microscopic pores by breaking down the compacted soil so that it will act like a sponge when […] Read More >
  • Noxious Weed Control

    Weed control boards and governments require homeowners to treat for noxious weeds. Senske provides this service for residential and commercial customers. Read More >
  • Mosquito Control Services

    Senske's proven mosquito control measures eliminate unwanted mosquitoes, prevent breeding, and work to control them all season long. Read More >
  • Bird Control Services

    Pest birds can not only cause damage to homes and structures, but also may pose health risks to your family. We know how difficult pest birds can be to remove from your property and our trained professionals are up to the job. Read More >
  • Bush Trimming and Shrub Pruning Services

    We remove excess branches and dead or dying foliage from your plants and shrubs to make your yard beautiful again. We pay close attention to the way we trim and prune and strategically encourage fresh, new growth. You can count on your plants looking natural, balanced, and healthy. Read More >
  • Shrub Bed Weed Control

    Get beautiful, clean shrub beds, and season long weed control with our shrub bed weed control service. Read More >
  • Sprinkler System Repair

    We offer a full irrigation revamp and repair service​ on a case-by-case basis. Get expert sprinkler system valve repair, pipe leaks, clogged sprinklers, obstructed sprinklers, sprinklers with missing nozzles and over spraying or incorrectly placed sprinklers. Read More >
  • Sprinkler Start Up Services

    Our start-up service takes care of everything you need to make sure your system is working properly and fine-tuned to perfection. Read More >
  • Tree and Stump Removal Services

    Tree removal protects your family from dead trees, falling branches, or heavy fruit and cones. Let our professionals keep you and your family safe with our tree removal and stump grinding service. Read More >
  • Sprinkler Winterization Services

    Our professional technicians will come out and ensure your sprinkler blowout is done properly to protect your pipes in the fall and winter. Read More >
  • Dormant Oil Application Service For Trees

    One of the best protectors against springtime insects are dormant oils applied to trees and plants before they start budding, and as the weather begins to warm. Protect trees and plants from insects that feed during the growing season. Read More >
  • Tree Insect & Disease Control Services

    From burrowing beetles, to destructive worms, Senske ISA Certified arborists quickly identify warning signs of tree pest infestations and disease, and effectively remove the threat before it's too late. Read More >
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

    While the kids play in the yard, have you ever had an uneasy feeling when glancing at the branches of your trees that loom above them? Tree trimming and pruning services done by our arborists is an easy fix for a potentially dangerous situation. Not only does our tree cutting service create a safe place […] Read More >
  • Revive Lawn Treatment Services

    Revive Your Lawn! Are you seeing brown spots appearing in your lawn, or noticing that your turf is losing its consistent color and shape with gaps emerging between clusters of grass. These are a few of the common signs that your lawn isn’t getting enough nutrients to the roots. This can be the start of […] Read More >

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