Scale Insects

Scale Insects Removal Scale insects are common tree pests that swarm trees and cause serious damage. Senske can remove scale insects as part of our tree service program. Nothing diminishes the beauty of trees in your yard more than noticing the large amounts of unattractive bumps found on the leaves and branches. There are many […]


Treatment for Tree Borers Tree borers or tree boring beetles could be the most threatening of all the tree pests. Tree borers are one of the many pests that Senske arborists look out for in our comprehensive tree service program. Protect Your Trees Trees are a large investment that can give your yard a great […]


Aphids Control and Removal Aphids are common tree pests that also attack shrubs and other garden plants. Senske ISA Certified arborists can remove any type of aphid or remove other types of tree pestsĀ as well. Count on us to employ professional tree service. Have you ever parked your car in the shade under a large, […]

Spider Mites

Do I Need Spider Mite Treatment Services? Do you have spider mites on your property? These tree pests are bad news for homeowners. Senske is here to help with our tree service program. Almost too small to see with the naked eye, spider mites can become a very big pest problem for plants. Spider mites […]

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