Tree borers - a single tree borer on a branch.


Treatment for Tree Borers

A single tree borer beetle on a tree. Tree borers need pest control.

Tree borers or tree boring beetles such as the Emerald Ash Borer could be the most threatening of all the tree pests. Tree borers are one of the many pests that Senske arborists look out for in our comprehensive tree service program.

Protect Your Trees

Trees are a large investment that can give your yard a great look and shade to relax on during a warm summer day. Few things can worry a tree owner more than when trees appear to start thinning and becoming weak. Sometimes trees can even seem to have individual branches just wilt and die all at once alarming the tree owner that something is wrong. A lot of times the culprit for this particular form of tree destruction are Borers living and feeding off your tree.

Tree Borer Identification and Life Cycle

Tree borers carved damage into tree.

Closer examination of an infected tree will usually reveal small D shaped holes in the bark. These holes are actually exit holes where an adult borer has chewed its way out of to the surface of a tree. If the bark is gone, you could also notice the tunnels the pests have made as they burrowed through the tree.

Borers are defined as any wood boring insects including moths, beetles, sawflies, horn tails and flies. Adult borers emerge to mate, usually in early summer, between June and July. Once they have mated, the impregnated females begin laying their eggs within the nooks and crannies of the tree bark. Eggs hatch within 9 to 14 days when the small larvae chew their way into the layer of the tree right below the bark but above the wood of the tree, where they continue to grow and tunnel under the bark. The borer will continue to feed on the tree over the rest of the summer and through the winter, emerging again in the early summer as adults.

Treatment for Tree Borers

Evidence of damage attributed to borers usually shows up when the weather first starts to get warm up. Borers cause damage to the tree’s water and nutrient distribution system. This damage to the system makes it hard for the tree to continue growing healthy because it cannot get the nutrients that it needs.

How to Get Rid of Tree Borers

Borers are difficult to deal with once found, and is usually best left to trained tree care professionals such as Senske’s tree technicians. Trees are an investment for your home and protecting them from insects such as borers is crucial. The use of topical sprays to do not take care of a borer problem, however our team of professionals have access to knowledge and materials that can save your tree from borers. Taking action as soon as borers are found is key to making sure the problem doesn’t spread and create widespread damage to the tree(s).

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