Snow Mold

Snow mold tends to grow where patches of standing snow or ice have accumulated. They become noticeable after the snow melts. There are two types of snow mold: grey and pink. Snow mold can continue to grow after the snow has melted if the grass remains cool and wet. Grey mold will stop growing when […]


Do I Need Treatment Services for Mushrooms in Lawn? What Are Mushrooms? Comparable to the fruit of trees, mushrooms are the reproductive structures, or “fruit”, of fungi. Instead of seeds, mushrooms have spores that grow between gills or inside the spongy portion under the mushroom’s cap. When the spores drop to the ground, they germinate […]

Fairy Rings

Do I Need Fairy Ring Treatment? What Are Fairy Rings? Fairy Ring is a common lawn disease in North America and around the world. Caused by certain fungi, Fairy Ring spreads through the soil in a uniform circle that grows outward as time passes and the fungus proliferates. It appears most often in summer months […]

Necrotic Ring Spots

Do I Need Necrotic Ring Spot Treatment? What is Necrotic Ring Spot? Necrotic Ring Spot is a root disease caused by the fungus Leptosphaeria Korrae and is one of several common lawn diseases in the United States. It’s frequently found in lawn areas with little to no fertilization that experience overwatering. Without intervention, Necrotic Ring […]

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