Fairy ring lawn disease. Ring in grass needs Senske lawn disease treatment.

Fairy Rings

Do I Need Fairy Ring Treatment?

What Are Fairy Rings?

Fairy Ring is a common lawn disease in North America and around the world. Caused by certain fungi, Fairy Ring spreads through the soil in a uniform circle that grows outward as time passes and the fungus proliferates. It appears most often in summer months and, without intervention, can take over a lawn quickly.

How Do I Identify Fairy Rings?

There are three types of Fairy Ring; Accelerated growth, dead zone, and mushroom. Accelerated growth Fairy Rings appear as circular rings of grass that’s greener and thicker than the rest of the lawn. Dead zone Fairy Rings, caused by another type of fungus, can resemble Necrotic Ring Spot under certain conditions and soil types. An obvious indicator of Fairy Ring is when an actual ring of mushrooms pops up from the soil. 

While it’s most common for Fairy Rings to show up in ring form, it’s not unusual to find them growing in arcs. Whichever type, you can be sure fungus is to blame.

How Can I Prevent Fairy Ring Mushrooms?

Many of our customers wonder how Fairy Rings form in their grass to begin with. Fairy Ring causes are similar to other lawn fungal diseases. They most often grow near decaying wood and other organic material, and prefer moisture and soil untreated by fertilizers.

To prevent them from happening, make sure your yard is cleaned up well, and mow and dethatch through deep raking regularly. Slow releasing fertilizers will replenish your grass with important nutrients necessary to thrive should the fungus activate. It’s important to apply them uniformly so patches of lawn don’t go untreated and remain at risk.

Take note of your watering habits and make sure overwatering isn’t taking place. Lawns should receive infrequent drenchings rather than frequent sprinklings to avoid moisture buildup in the thatch and soil around grass roots. Your turf’s roots will grow deeper when the water is allowed to drain downward a bit.

How to Get Rid of Fairy Ring Mushrooms

You’re not alone in wondering how to get rid of Fairy Ring mushrooms in your lawn. If you think Fairy Rings are growing in your yard, it’s a good idea to call the Lawn Care Professionals at Senske. We’ll sample your lawn, diagnose Fairy Ring (or other common lawn diseases or pests), and take expert measures to restore your lawn and stop expansion.

Importantly, we’ll take measures to prevent Fairy Rings from occurring again, and always leave our customers armed with their own knowledge. Treatment of Fairy Rings is possible. Let Senske help you tackle the problem!

If your lawn or turf has Fairy Rings, contact a Senske Lawn Care professional at (877) 944-4007 or click to request an estimate online for FREE.

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