The Senske Promise: 100% SatisfactionWe believe we offer the best products, services and programs in the professional lawn, tree and pest control industry. When you invest in any of our services or programs, if you are ever dissatisfied with the results of any treatment, please notify us between regularly scheduled services and we will return to your property at no charge to address your concerns.

We work with you to make sure you have the best possible result. Senske is founded on services that meet your satisfaction, or we do the job again.

Senske promises we will:

  • Apply every treatment to the best of our ability.
  • Provide an e-mail or text notification before every visit when requested.
  • Knock on your door upon arrival for service.
  • Clear lawn furniture, toys and more, prior to treatment.
  • Clean off all decks, walkways, driveways and patios of fertilizer residue when completed.
  • Leave comments, instructions and recommendations.
  • Complete all service calls within 48 hours.
  • Complete all estimate requests within 48 hours.
  • Always be in clean, full uniform with our trucks and equipment clean at all times.
  • Arrive for our appointments as promised or call and let you know expected arrival time.

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Terms and Conditions

Please follow our tree, pest and lawn management recommendations and give the program of treatments a reasonable period of time to produce results. Having done so, and based on continuous non-interrupted service, Senske guarantees substantial weed reduction, turf damaging insect control in lawns (for lawn programs), healthy lawn color (except under draught conditions or improper water coverage from irrigation systems) and freedom from covered pests.

Then, if you’re not completely satisfied, call us within thirty (30) days of the last treatment and we will work with you until you are satisfied, at no additional cost.

Please note: Some Senske treatments utilize products with a labeling requirement for watering-in. You agree that if the information left at your door following treatment by Senske instructs you to water-in that treatment, you will do so.

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Service Calls/Service Continuity

It will normally take a period of time and multiple treatments for best results to be attained. Continuous treatments then provide for proper maintenance of your yard.

Your lawn’s or tree’s response will depend of the condition of your yard prior to our beginning service, the type of grasses, trees and shrubs, and whether the lawn is mowed and watered properly.

After that, continuous Senske care will protect your yard from seasonal pest problems and provide proper nutrition. If a problem arises or you believe that a treatment is ineffective, call the office and we will take care of the problem by scheduling a special visit to your property.

When you sign up for Senske service, you buy more than half a century of experience caring for yards. Our results over time are a function of continuous non-interrupted service.

Accordingly, if you skip a treatment we cannot honor our promises, and you will be billed for service calls requested by you at the regular service treatment cost.

Under the terms of this agreement, customers may be given a discount on the initial service fee in exchange for an agreement to receive and pay for services for at least one year.

If a discount was applied to the initial service and customer cancels prior to fulfilling the minimum obligation of one year, including cancelation during the 72 hour right of recession clause, customer agrees that they may be required to pay the full cost of the initial service, as quoted on the service contract, before promotional discounts are applied.

For COVERED PESTS re-treatments to be eligible, infestations must be of the same pest and found in the same location INSIDE the home. A request for re-treatment must be done in a timely manner and must occur before your next regular service.

Senske’s liability under this agreement will be terminated if Senske is prevented from fulfilling its responsibilities by reason of delays in transportation, shortages of fuel and or material, strikes, embargoes, fire, floods, quarantine restrictions, earthquakes, hurricanes or other act of God or circumstances or cause beyond the control of Senske.

Senske disclaims any liability for special incidental or consequential damages. The guarantees stated in the customer agreement are given in lieu of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Limited Warranty

Both parties agree that in the event of failure of this product or service, the sole and exclusive remedy available to you the customer shall be the refund of the cost of services provided under this agreement or repeating of the service delivered, at the discretion of Senske.

Both parties agree that Senske will not be liable for consequential damages to the property as a result of a service failure or failure to satisfy you.

Failure of workmanship must be brought to the attention of Senske within 30 days of the date of the initial service failure. Failure to notify Senske in this timely manner results in a complete and final waiver of all claims.

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