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Commercial Weed Removal Services

lawn mower over weedsProtecting against weed infiltrations with a commercial weed removal service is one of the top goals of a great lawn care service. From dandelions and clover to crabgrass and chickweed, our expert technicians understand just how to prevent and remove all weeds. Don’t let weeds steal precious resources and nutrients from your lawn.

The biggest defense against weed overgrowth is to help your lawn grow as healthy and thick as possible. Thick lawns choke out the room weeds need to grow and take root. It’s important to make sure you fertilize regularly and water deeply but infrequently. Most lawns need at least an inch of water per week to maintain healthy levels. Lastly, by mowing high, you can create a canopy that keeps sunlight from reaching weed seedlings.

If you notice small stems of weeds creeping up through your turf, it’s best to take action as soon as possible. Hand weeding young weeds plants is a great way to take care of a potential weed problem right off the bat, but not all hand pulling is effective. In fact, some plants spread through deep root systems. Identifying the weeds you have growing in your lawn is important. Senske has trained lawn service technicians in weed prevention and control. Allow us to do your dirty work, while you enjoy the benefits!

Common weeds include:

  • crabgrass
  • spurge
  • dandelions
  • morning glory
  • thistle
  • bentgrass
  • white clover
  • henbit
  • chickweed
  • plantain

Just some of the commercial weed control services that Senske provides

  • Noxious weed control: County weed control boards require homeowners to treat for noxious weeds. Senske provides this service for residential and commercial customers.
  • Lawn weed control: Keep your lawn healthy and green and prevent common lawn weeds like crabgrass and dandelions from taking over.
  • Shrub bed weed control: Unsightly weeds in your ornamental shrub and flower beds are controlled with our season long program. An initiation of pre-emergent treatment with carefully timed followup treatments will keep your shrub beds weed-free all season.
  • Bareground weed control: Create fire safety around out buildings with bareground weed control services. Commercial and residential applications are available, so call a Senske representative to map out a program that fits your needs.
  • Public utilities, parks and schools: Specialty lawn weed control applications for government and county agencies.
  • Commercial services: Complete grounds maintenance service is provided by Senske Lawn & Tree Care Inc. For more information, please visit our commercial grounds maintenance page.
  • Regional accounts: Senske will coordinate weed control services for chain stores throughout the Northwest. Payment plans, equal monthly billing and continuity of services will save you money.

Not sure what option of weed control is going to best serve your needs? Contact us today at (877) 944-4007 or click for a FREE estimate and get rid of weeds now.


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