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Do I Need Dandelion Killer Treatment?

What are Dandelions?

Dandelions are broadleaf perennials believed to be native to Europe and Asia. Generally looked upon as an invasive weed species, they tend to be disliked by most homeowners. As perennial plants, you can expect dandelions to reappear each year and propagate into fields of flowers if not addressed quickly. Found in most parts of the United States, dandelions fare well in bright sun and appreciate moist soil conditions, making them difficult to prevent. With deep roots and hollow stems, they can also be very difficult to remove by hand.

How Do I Identify Dandelions?

Dandelions, or wishing flowers, are tall plants with yellow flowers with hundreds of thin petals radiating from a central disk. When they’re ready to propagate, a seed forms under each floret and the petals fall away to reveal a white puff ball of seeds that blow easily off the stem and float in the air. Seeds drift in the wind to germinate in new locations and take root and begin a new plant. Their leaves are several inches long with deep notches and gently pointed tips.

Why Do I Have Dandelions in My Lawn?

Due to the nature of dandelion seeds, there’s a good chance the dandelions in your grass took root after seeds from plants flew over from your neighbor’s lawn or even a yard further away. If your lawn suffered from dandelions in the previous year, seeds may have had a chance to germinate this spring, and parent plants could be returning.

How Can I Prevent Dandelions in My Yard?

There are several things you can do to prevent dandelions from taking root in your lawn. We recommend applying an herbicide to your lawn and garden toward the end of winter, before plants begin to emerge. Improving soil conditions in your lawn through proper maintenance and fertilization can help your grass grow tall and healthy and crowd out any chance of potential weed growth.

How to Get Rid of Dandelions

To save your lawn, you may want to utilize Senske Lawn Care professionals. We understand how to get rid of dandelions and, with over 75 years of experience, treat dandelions with sprays that won’t harm your lawn. What kills dandelions? The best way to kill dandelions in your grass (and prevent their return) involves a multi-angled approach the professionals at Senske Lawn Care will be able to administer. With a promise that backs us up, we’ll get rid of the dandelions growing in your yard and prevent them from returning all without harming your grass!

Get the Best Dandelion Killer that Won’t Kill Grass

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