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Mosquito Control Service in Coeur d’Alene

Are you itching for Coeur d’Alene mosquito control services? We don’t blame you! Mosquito season hits Northern Idaho in the spring and summer. Living so close to the mountains is wonderful, ​but it does bring about its fair share of irritating, biting insects. It seems like our mosquitoes get worse every year! That’s why your local Senske is pleased to offer ​safe and effective Coeur d’Alene mosquito control for area homeowners in Northern ​Idaho! Protect your family​, loved ones, and pets from mosquito infestations that cause irritating bites, allergic reactions, and ​even disease.

Mosquitoes can cause many problems. In addition to itchy bumps that last for days (even weeks), especially irritating reactions can lead to scabs and scarring of the skin. People and pets allergic to mosquito bites suffer greatly from significant swelling, itching, and pain. Importantly, mosquitoes are associated with more and more disease transmission. ​If you have a mosquito ​infestation ​on your property, your family could be at ​serious risk for diseases like West Nile Virus. Even pets aren’t safe from mosquitoes as they’re pervasive carriers of heartworm.

The Best Mosquito Control & Prevention

At Senske ​Coeur d’Alene, we understand your family and pets are your highest priorities. If you need help managing a mosquito problem, you can count on us. We’ll create a perimeter of protection around your property​, eliminate areas mosquitoes breed, and kill mosquito larvae before they can develop into biting, disease spreading adults. When we’ve tackled those issues, we’ll ​also take the time to locate where ​your mosquitoes are hiding​ and take measures to prevent their return.

This multi-step ​approach protects your home and yard through the spring and summer and even gives you a head start on protection for next year! Eradicate existing mosquito​es, and ​keep them from returning again with the best mosquito control service offered in and around the Coeur d’Alene area. ​Fully enjoy the outdoors, even in the height of mosquito season, without risking comfort and health.

Even Better: Two-in-One Mosquito & Tick Control

As we all know, spring and summer ​is more than mosquito season. Ticks, ​another disease-bearing insect, thrive in our area this time of year. Ticks in your yard can have devastating effects on your family and pets, bringing in debilitating illness like Lyme Disease. Sometimes found in your yard already, sometimes brought into your yard and home after a walk or hike, these prolific breeders spread like wildfire and latch on to any warm body they can. Rather than ​waste time and money using multiple treatments, we’ve recognized that areas prone to mosquitoes are also prone to ticks. With that in mind, we’ve found it best to offer an incredible, two-in-one solution.

Senske’s mosquito pest control service prevents both mosquitoes and ticks from infesting your yard! Protect your family, friends, and pets against devastating illness, allergic reactions, and scars, and save yourself the headache of time away from work, expensive medical bills, and the frustrations of diy mosquito and tick eradication attempts.​ Only Senske can promise you a pest-free yard and home!

Schedule Mosquito Control and Tick Control Service Today

If you’re sending your kids and animals outside to play, ​there’s a chance mosquitoes are chasing them back inside (and flying in with them). You’re in luck! Our mosquito and tick control solution is both safe and affordable. Like you, we want you and your family to enjoy your ​property and home without the​se pesky, blood-sucking insects. If you live in or around Coeur d’Alene, give us a call today to schedule mosquito and tick control services from our experienced team! We’ve got you covered!

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