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Coeur d’Alene’s Tree Care Service Experts

Our tree care specialists live in North Idaho and understand the native trees inside and out. They know how to care for aspens, birches, elms, firs, oaks, pines, spruces, sycamores and many more. ​Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), you can trust our arborists to diagnose, treat, and prevent any tree issues that arise.

We take pride in being a familiar face for tree service in your Coeur d’Alene neighborhood. With over 75 years in the industry, there’s a good chance many of your neighbors already look to us to keep their native trees, decorative and landscape trees, and fruit trees thriving in our mountainous region.

Regular Tree Maintenance and Care

Sign up for regular maintenance to get all of these great services:

  • ISA trained and certified arborists
  • Regular inspections and control treatments for insects and disease
  • Seasonal, protective dormant sprays and fertilizer applications
  • Nutritious Root zone treatments ​packed with nutrients

Tree Disease Prevention and Treatment Services

Senske’s regular maintenance and ​top industry knowledge is key to keeping your trees out of harm’s way and thriving for years. ​Our arborists diagnose and treat common tree pests like mites, leaf beetles, leaf miners, and scales before they become a problem. They also understand tree disease and infections known to occur in Coeur d’Alene. Keep your trees beautiful with Senske.

We Provide Tree Removal Service & Stump Grinding

In addition to regular tree maintenance services like shrub and tree trimming, tree pruning, proper diagnosing, treatment, and preventative services, ​our arborists are ​trained to handle more dangerous work. Keep yourself protected – away from falling injuries, cumbersome chainsaws, and unpredictable limb breaks. We have all the safety equipment, know-how, tools, and machinery necessary to safely ​remove trees and stumps, as well as grind them into mulch. Best of all, we take care of cleanup!

Call us today at (208) 762-3156 and learn more about our Coeur d’Alene Services, including lawn care and pest control services.

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