large snow plow provides Coeur d'Alene snow removal in parking lot for business

Snow Removal Service in Coeur d’Alene, ID

When Northern Idaho’s winter weather hits, you can rely on Senske’s ​Coeur d’Alene snow removal services. We’ll keep your business up and running during cold, snowy conditions, and your driveways and walkways free of ice. We understand how unpredictable our winter storms can be, and are on constant watch throughout the winter to start our snow removal process at the drop of a hat. Too many businesses wait until snow is already piling up to schedule snow removal services. In ​Coeur d’Alene, ​effective business owners know the best way to prepare against blizzard conditions is to ​delegate the hard work to Senske’s snow removal professionals. Leave the weather watching, and around-the-clock work to us while you and your employees stay warm and safe from slippery injuries.

Coeur d’Alene Snow Removal

Protect your employees and customers from unsafe conditions, and protect your own business from potential slip and fall lawsuits. ​Our fleet of commercial snow plowing and shoveling vehicles can be dispatched 24/7 to service most of Northern Idaho and Washington. Count on Senske to provide incredible, professional snow removal services that help keep you open even when your competitors are forced to shut down.

Senske Ice Removal Services for Added Safety

Local Coeur d’Alene businesses, nonprofits and ​government facilities appreciate that our snow removal crews also deliver de-icing and ice removal services. Icy conditions are dangerous for many reasons. Armed with the proper safety equipment and tools, we’ll keep icicles at bay, and get rid of any ice (including black ice – known to be especially damaging) around your walkways, parking lots, and driveways. ​Call us for total snow and ice management.

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