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Commercial Plant & Shrub Trimming Services

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Commercial Plant trimming services including Shrub pruning done by our arborists is an easy fix for unkept, overgrown vegetation at your business. Your plants and shrubs will look their best when guided to grow properly and allow light to shine through to lower foliage. We ensure the plants at your business locations are both healthy and beautiful.

Our knowledgeable, trained and certified ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) arborists on staff give plants and shrubs perfect care. We’ll evaluate each unique situation, identify your plants and the best way to tackle their look, and create a plan that works for you. You can rest easy, and save time, with Senske’s approach to beautiful, thriving plants. Contact us for a free estimate or call us (877) 944-4007.

Our Commercial Trimming and Pruning Service Includes All That Your Trees May Need

ISA TCIA Member IconsRemoving excess branches and deadwood involves maintenance such as fine pruning to shape the look, elevating (removing lower branches for clearance), and reducing the size and height of the plant or shrub. We pay close attention to strategically trimming branches back and focus on balanced, natural, and healthy looks.

Before we are finished, our service includes making sure we dispose of all the cut branches and debris. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Commercial Trimming and Pruning Needs by Species

There are many different needs to meet for each plant and shrub planted on your location. Knowing the best approach to help each one look its best can be exhausting and time-consuming. In every situation, our expert arborists confidently handle the best to approach, and work to get your plants in top condition.

How Much Does Commercial Plant and Shrub Trimming and Pruning Cost?

There are a few things we will need to know about the size and number of plants, past care, and the overall health. We offer competitive prices, and with a little information we can get you a free estimate! Get your custom quote now!

Our Tree Pruning Service specializes in making sure your trees grow healthy and safe. As always, we go by our Senske Promise – 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we do the job again. ​

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