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Seattle area residents have entrusted their lawns to us since the 1940’s. What began as a small, family landscaping business, grew into a full-services lawn care company.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction for Our Landscaping Services

As a lawn care company, it’s our goal to offer the highest quality landscaping services that we can. In order to provide our customers with complete satisfaction, we offer our Senske Promise. This promise is our guarantee that we’ll complete all lawn care and yard maintenance up to your standards. If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, we’ll redo our job, until we get it right. And it’s free of charge.

Available Seattle Lawn Care Services

Our Seattle lawn care services include:

  • Lawn fertilization service
  • Lawn Aeration Service
  • Weed control service
  • Lawn fungus control
  • Moss Control
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Lime Application

Lawn care prices starting as low as $49.95 per treatment.

Sustainable and Organic Lawn Care

As a lawn care company, we know the importance of sustainable practices. We care about the health of the environment and the safety of our customers. That’s why we even offer organic lawn services. Our Natural Choice Program only uses products that are certified as organic from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Our organic landscaping services will keep your family, your pets and your lawn free from unnatural chemicals. We offer completely organic fertilization services for yards, trees and shrubs. Give us a call at (206) 362-9100​ to get more information about the types of ‘green’ yard maintenance services we offer.


Even though the Puget Sound area is lush and provided with plenty of rainfall, the soil may not have enough essential nutrients necessary for optimal growth. Plants, shrubs, trees, and your grass are all competing for the limited nutrients in the soil, and because of this it is recommended to add additional nutrients to help them grow healthier, and fuller. Senske provides scheduled fertilization applications based upon the requirements of the yard deemed necessary by our expert analysis.

Weed Control

All lawns have varying amounts of weeds that need to be controlled. Even if you think your yard is weed free, those pesky guys find a way to come back to life. Besides simply looking unpleasant, weeds steal essential nutrients from the soil that could have been better fed to your grass, or other desired plants. We create custom weed control programs to remove these unwanted weeds, and guarantee approximately 85-95% control of the weeds in the landscape.

It’s hard to overstate the threat from invasive or noxious weeds. These invasive pests spread at high speed through gardens, lawns, driveways, industrial sites and shrub beds, killing or injuring any other greenery in their path. Once an infestation gets going, it becomes progressively harder to contain. These plants can make their way onto agricultural land, harming or destroying crops that otherwise would have fed hundreds. They also disrupt the natural ecosystem, setting the stage for enduring environmental problems.

Somehow, even this description understates the risk from noxious weeds, because it doesn’t account for what happens with all the brush those weeds leave behind. Brush provides a habitat for rodents, which spread disease while damaging agricultural crops; the thicker it becomes, the more rodents it can harbor. Brush also presents a serious fire hazard, providing kindling for flames that can spread all over your community. Ignoring noxious plants, then, is literally playing with fire.

These and other threats have led the State of Washington to designate certain noxious weeds as Class A plants. This means that whenever you see them, you are legally required to get rid of them in a safe and sustainable way. Other noxious weeds are Class B or C plants, which you aren’t required by law to remove, but still shouldn’t mess around with.

The only problem with these classifications is that ordinary home and business owners often lack the resources and expertise to get rid of noxious weeds effectively. If you simply try to remove them on your own, you risk disposing of them in a way that allows their seeds to spread. The infestation will thus begin again somewhere else. Ordinary Washingtonians also don’t know all the treatments that prevent or remove noxious weeds and will have trouble selecting the right ones for their property.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with invasive or noxious weeds on your own. Senske offers comprehensive weed control and prevention to business and residential customers in communities across Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties. With our help, noxious weeds will stand no chance of infesting your property or harming the local environment.

Lawn Aeration

Core aeration is a method used to remove thatching in yards. Thatch is simply the layer of decomposing grass, debris, and roots found between the soil and the grass. A modest level of thatch is important for healthy yards, however, if the yard becomes overrun with thatch then it becomes a hotbed for weeds, grass-eating bugs, and lawn diseases.

To prevent too much thatch from developing we use core aeration machines that produce breathing holes in the soil by removing chunks of grass, thatch, and soil.

Moss Control

Because moss sometimes takes over the grass, or finds itself clinging to unwanted structures, it can be important to control and remove it. In general, moss is a symptom of one or more of these instances: acidic soil, too much thatch, too much shade, too much or too little water. Let our experts analyze your lawn and determine the appropriate steps to eliminate the issue.

Lime Application

Soil has a tendency to become acidic, and it is sometimes necessary to spread a lime application a few times a year. The lime will neutralize the soil and raise the pH level, which in turn will provide a better growing environment for your grass. To combat against acidic soil it is recommended to spread a lime application which helps to neutralize the soil and raise the pH level. Our staff will test your lawn’s pH level and make recommendations as needed.

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