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Are bugs invading your house? Is your office kitchen being overrun by ants? We can help! No one feels comfortable going to sleep in a house that has bugs flying over their heads and crawling into their sheets. Pests are especially worrisome if you have children. Pests compromise the safety of your children and pets, and jeopardize the serenity of your home.

Keep bugs away for good with Senske! We provide pest control services for residential properties. Receive a free estimate for bug extermination in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Senske’s Pest Control History

Out of all of the pest control companies in and around Seattle, Washington, why should you use us for pest and pigeon control? We’ve been in the Pest Control Business since 1947. We started out as a small family business and we’ve grown into a large family business. We’re trusted as the go-to spot for pest control in the community of Seattle, Washington. What’s more, your investment for pest control and removal is risk-free because of our guarantee to our customers. We value our customers. We strive to provide the best pest control services in the Seattle area. That’s why we give all of our customers our Senske Promise. We promise 100% satisfaction with our services. If customers aren’t satisfied, we’ll come back and redo the service- for free.

Our Seattle pest control services include:

  • mouse control
  • rat control
  • bird control
  • spider control
  • ant control
  • bee removal
  • wasp removal
  • termite control
  • cockroach control
  • insect control
  • flea control
  • bed bug control
  • slug and snail control

Unfortunately snails and slugs are part of life in the Northwest United States. Seattle lawns and gardens are oftentimes filled with snails and slugs. For such slow-moving pests, it’s incredible how much damage they can cause to gardens and how much irritation they can cause to gardeners. For Seattle pest solutions and pest management involving slugs and snails, call Senske Pest Control!

​Pest control service starting as low as $89.95 per visit.

Spider Control

Seattle spider control

Most people can agree that spiders make them uncomfortable. Even if science indicates there is a low chance they will ever bite you, just the thought of it is enough to take action to remove spiders from your home. Fortunately, most Seattle spiders are harmless little helpers that kill insects, however, the possibility exists that some venomous spiders such as the Hobo spider or the Black Widow may be lurking in the corners or wood pile next to your home. The fact remains that you should have your home treated before they reproduce and multiply.


Ant Control

Seattle ant controlIf you see an ant or two rummaging around your kitchen, it’s best to investigate where they’re coming from, because the chance exists that the whole colony is moving in. The Seattle area has multiple varieties of ants including sugar ants, black ants, carpenter ants, and Formica ants. Some of the aforementioned ants can bite and sting people and animals, while others can cause structural damage to your home. With so many varieties of ants in Washington, it can be hard to determine which type of ant problem you have. Regardless of the type of ant in your home, they are unwanted guests that should be addressed.

Cockroach Control

Seattle Cockroach Control

Of all the pests, cockroaches seem to be the most disgusting. They hide in dark, damp, and wet places, taking residence in boxes or shelves usually found in the garage or basement. Since these locations are usually out of sight, homeowners can be unaware that these pests are multiplying rapidly, and invading your home when you’re not looking. The biggest issue with these hideous creatures is that they pose a health concern to humans, as they are known to carry disease and cause allergic reactions. Chances are if you see one cockroach, there are a lot more than you don’t see. Call Senske immediately, your local cockroach control company, and let us get rid of the cockroaches in your home.

Insect Control

Seattle Insect control - image of beetle

The Puget Sound area is home to many forms of insects such as bed bugs, silverfish, earwigs, and more. It doesn’t really matter what type of insect is in your home, we understand that they’re uninvited guests and you want them out. The chances are high that whatever insect it is, it’s reproducing and there are more on the way, and because of this you should contact us and let our insect control experts determine which bug it is and exterminate them before things get out of hand.

Rodent Control

seattle rodent control senske - mouse in image.

Rodents such as mice and rats are more than a nuisance, they are harmful to your health and damaging to your home. It’s common for these rodents to be found anywhere there is food, and because of this there is a high chance your food can become contaminated from their urine and droppings. The easiest solution is to call us and let our professional rodent control technicians get rid of your rodent problem.

Bed Bug & Flea Treatment

Seattle bed bug removal needed for bed bug

Bed bugs and fleas are parasites that feed off the blood of their hosts. Although they are not known to cause disease, they can cause extremely irritating bites, and they have a tendency to reproduce quickly and become very difficult to remove. Due to the difficult nature of exterminating these pests, it is recommended to engage our Seattle pest control service sooner rather than later. Our bed bug treatments will take care of the problem efficiently and effectively.

Bee Removal & Wasp Removal

Bee and wasp removal service in Seattle needed for wasp nest in image.

We’ve all experienced the sensation of fear as a bee begins to buzz uncomfortably close and the possibility of being stung begins to pervade the mind. Even though bees can be positive for the natural ecology, they have the ability to make an otherwise tranquil experience into something filled with anxiety. If bees, wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets have decided that somewhere near your home is good place for them to make a nest, then it’s important to contact us so our bee removal and wasp removal experts can take care of the issue.

Mole Control

Seattle mole removal pest control needed for mole holes in lawn.

A common complaint from many homeowners is that their yard is being torn apart by the presence of moles. Moles love to create underground runways that can be extended over a hundred feet each day, making it difficult to determine how to get rid of moles in your yard without professional help. Our mole control experts will inspect your property and determine the extent of your mole problem, and then take the necessary mole extermination steps.

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Senske is known locally as the first choice for pest control in Seattle and the surrounding neighborhoods. We understand the local environment, and the proper ways to take care of pests so our ecology is protected. Contact us today!

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