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Mosquito Control Service in Seattle, WA

Senske offers effective mosquito control services for homeowners in Seattle, Washington. Get the mosquito  protection and peace of mind you and your family deserve. In Seattle, summer fun also means the presence of mosquitoes. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your family outdoor fun. Get mosquito pest control for your Seattle home or business.

In addition to itchy bites, mosquitoes can carry a number of diseases. Mosquito infestations put your family at risk for serious infections like West Nile Virus, and can infect your pets with heart worms.

Safe Backyard Mosquito Control

Senske Seattle understands keeping your family safe in your own backyard is important. If you have a mosquito problem, Senske creates a perimeter of mosquito protection around your property.

Our expert pest control technicians treat areas mosquitoes breed – like standing water where females lay their eggs (This is also where mosquito larvae develop into biting adults). Additionally, we’ll identify areas where mosquitoes may be hiding, such as tall grasses.

Senske’s multi-step mosquito control process ensures protection throughout the season because we eliminate the existing mosquito problem and prevent them from returning. Enjoy the outdoors mosquito-free with the help of our mosquito control service!

Two-in-One Mosquito & Tick Control

Summer is both tick and mosquito season in Seattle, when these predacious pests become active. Thankfully, Senske has the solution with our two-in-one treatment for both ticks and mosquitoes.

Because they carry a number of diseases, ticks in your yard can be even more dangerous than mosquitoes. Infections like Lyme disease can have chronic detrimental effects on physical and mental health. With our two-in-one tick and mosquito control services, you can rid your family and pets of both risks and ensure an itch-free summer.

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Senske is here to help you with your mosquito and tick control needs. We want your family to enjoy your yard this summer tick and mosquito-free. Give us a call today and schedule your Seattle mosquito and tick control service from our experienced team.

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