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washington tree senske merger logoHealthy trees and shrubs create lasting aesthetic value for your property. They also provide important shade and wildlife. And while trees don’t require the same amount of day-to-day care, they can easily get overlooked in your annual home maintenance routine. However, trees and shrubs that have been neglected are likely the first to fall victim to diseases, pest damage and other natural threats, like wind damage and drought. Senske offers a wide selection of tree care services in Seattle to keep these plants in premium condition throughout the year. Whether your in Seattle, Everett or somewhere else in the Puget Sound region we’ve got the local tree care expertise to keep your trees thriving year round.

Identifying, diagnosing and treating tree pathogens and tree diseases can be a dauting task and one that overwhelms even the most green-thumbed home owner. Tree diseases can be extremely hard to identify, especially when trying to determine the cause of a dying tree. Between pests, diseases, seasonal affiliations and fungi, it’s ​frequently a mystery why one of your trees is dying ​while the tree next to it is flourishing. Our tree care service experts are certified professional arborists who are trained to identify tree and shrub diseases.

Our professional tree care services include year-around protection from insects and disease. Our certified arborists will keep your shrubs and trees healthy and beautiful, so you can enjoy your trees and shrubs without worrying about their health. If you’re looking for the best tree service in Seattle, call us at (206) 362-9100 or request a free estimate and get more information about tree diseases from a certified arborist.

Shrub Care & Tree Services Offered

Seattle tree service in yardWith professional tree service, the work is never finished. Even in a climate as mild and wet as the Puget Sound, shrubs and trees often struggle to stay strong and healthy. As our climate warms and summers get longer and drier diseases like bronze birch borer outbreaks become more common. As a professional tree service company with experience throughout the Seattle and Tacoma area, we provide the professional care and damage control you need to keep your greenery healthy throughout the year. our tree care services include:

  • Tree fertilization
  • Pest prevention
  • Disease identification
  • Tree disease treatment

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