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Ogden Lawn Care Program

Senske provides professional lawn care services in Ogden, UT. Instead of doing yard work on the weekends, hire Senske’s Ogden lawn care service! Thanks to our 75 years of experience, we deliver high quality lawn maintenance that is a cut above other lawn care companies.

Did you know: While Kentucky Bluegrass can handle Ogden’s moist and cold climate, it’s still prone to some lawn care problems. Due to the Salt Lake region’s alkaline soil and varying climates, lawns are tested and can struggle each season. The solution is Senske’s professional lawn care and weed control services.

Our experienced lawn technicians get rid of dandelions, crabgrass and spurge. Lawn pests such as pesky billbugs, white grubs and sod webworms too. We treat lawn diseases like snow mold and necrotic ring spot; common lawn fungus that spreads quickly. If you feel like you are playing catch-up and never achieving the lawn that you envisioned, it’s time to call us.

Choose Senske for Lawn Care

Your neighbors choose us for their lawn care, weed control and miscellaneous yard services, such as aeration and irrigation winterization. They appreciate working with local professionals, who deliver lawn care better than anyone else. Also hire us and receive the following:

  • Scheduled application of fertilizers on a regular basis
  • Turf inspections and insect, weed and grub control treatments (also on a regular basis)
  • Help with difficult to treat problems such as necrotic ring spot and snow mold
  • Seasonal or year-long maintenance help
  • Trained and licensed technicians who are both state and EPA-certified

Yard Services

Expect to receive the lawn care that’s right for you—and your specific landscape when hiring us. We offer peace of mind because both our weed control and insect control is safe for your family and pets.

Call us today at (801) 621-6014 and learn more about our Senske Ogden Services.

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