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Senske Ogden is pleased to offer effective mosquito control for area homeowners in Northern Utah and the Wasatch Front. Protect your family and loved ones from irritating mosquito bites and the frustration that comes with an infestation in your home or yard. Spring and Summer in the valley and mountains means mosquitoes. One way to preserve your fun and protect your family is to invest in mosquito pest control for your Ogden home or business.

Mosquitoes can be a serious problem. Not only do their bites cause itchy, uncomfortable bumps that last for days or weeks, they also potentially carry a number of diseases. Additionally, individuals allergic to mosquitoes suffer greatly from significant swelling and pain. When you have a mosquito problem in your yard or home, your family could be at risk for serious infections like West Nile Virus. Even pets, who can be infected by heartworms mosquitoes carry, are at risk.

Mosquito Prevention

At Senske Ogden, we know that keeping your yard and home safe for your family is your highest priority. If you need to get a handle on a mosquito problem, count on us to create a perimeter of protection around your property. We’ll eliminate areas mosquitoes breed, such as stagnant water where the female mosquitoes lay their eggs, and kill mosquito larvae before they can develop into biting adults. We’ll also locate where the mosquitoes are hiding, such as tall grass, and take measures to ensure your yard is less appealing to them.

Senske’s multi-step action protects your home and yard all season long. Not only will we eliminate your existing mosquito problems, but we’ll also work hard to prevent them from returning. With the best mosquito control service, you can fully enjoy the outdoors, even in mosquito season, without undue risk and discomfort.

Two-in-One Mosquito and Tick Control

Spring and Summer aren’t just for mosquitoes. In Utah, another disease-bearing insect becomes active. That insect is the tick. Frequently brought indoors by family pets or children playing outside, ticks in your yard can have devastating effects on your family. Luckily, with over 75 years of experience in the industry, Senske has developed the solution with our two-in-one treatment.

Senske’s mosquito pest control service not only prevents mosquitoes from infiltrating your yard, but also protects against ticks. Ticks carry a large number of diseases, including Lyme disease, that can make your family very sick and cost you thousands in medical bills and time away from work. Rid your family of both risks and ensure a pest-free yard and home.

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If you’re sending the kids outside to play, only to have them come running back inside due to pesky biting insects, there are safe, affordable solutions. Trust Senske to tackle your mosquito and tick control needs. Like you, we want your family to enjoy your yard and home without the risk of unwanted pests and tragic illness. If you live in Ogden or along the Wasatch Front, give us a call today to schedule mosquito and tick control services from our experienced team.

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