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Ogden Pest Control Services

Whether you’re interested in preventing pests, or need an existing infestation problem to be solved, Senske’s exterminators are ready to help. Our pest control treatment program enables you to avoid pest problems and infestations common to the area in the first place, but, if you’re already in trouble, we’re happy to safely and quickly rid your home of spiders, ants, wasps, rodents, box elder bugs, and more. Trust our professionals to ensure your family is safe from venomous creatures, and disease-carrying mice and rats.

Proven Insect and Rodent Removal in Ogden

Our job as your exterminator is to leave your home pest-free. With our pest control service package, you’ll worry less about re-infestations, and we’ll save you time fretting about what to do. With over 75 years in the industry, we’ve seen it all and perfected the approach to pest removal. Our service package includes:

  • A pest control barrier along the perimeter of your home or business.
  • Ant control, rodent control and spider control
  • Highly trained technicians who use state and federally-approved solutions
  • Consistent pest treatments and removal
  • Add-on specialty services for the treatment and control of birds, termites, bed bugs, and more

Exterminator Treatment that Works

At Senske, we pride ourselves in both prevention and detection. Our work is guaranteed, and we provide our customers with unlimited on-site calls for any issues. Count on us for termite treatment, rodent control, bird removal, bee removal, bed bug treatment (an increasing problem in Utah), wasp nest removal, aphid control, and more.

Rest easy – insect and rodent-free by contacting us for an estimate today! Learn more about our Senske Ogden Services.

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