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Senske Services provides quality lawn care services in East Denver and the surrounding area. In our beautiful area, we all aspire to lush, green lawns and properties. However, East Denver lawn care can be hard to manage due to the heavy, volcanic clay soil of this area. This type of soil can lead to erosion, which requires special treatment to encourage growth. Additionally, our high PH levels can lead to the perfect environment for weeds.

Lawn care service from Senske mean a greener, lusher lawn each season. Our lawn services include pre-emergent weed control, lawn fertilization, and lawn pest and disease control. Since 1947, Senske Services has provided residential and commercial lawn care service to our community. In Denver, CO we are dedicated to quality in all of our services.

Senske now offers Revive®, our incredible, uniquely organic lawn fertilization treatment. This specialty fertilizer and soil treatment is specially formulated for East Denver lawns. Revive® gently conditions your lawn so that water and nutrients are better absorbed into the soil. This means a healthy, green lawn year after year!

Our Denver lawn care services include:

  • Lawn aeration service
  • Lawn fertilization & overseeding
  • Lawn weed control
  • Lawn fungus control
  • Lawn pest control

Why We’re the Best East Denver Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance Service

Senske Services has been providing residential and commercial lawn care service to our local Northwest communities since 1947. With a track record of excellence that long, you know you can count on us to not only do the job right, but do it better than anyone else. Our Denver East lawn care service reflects our commitment to quality in all aspects of lawn maintenance and care.

Flexible lawn maintenance services are available year-round or seasonally, so you can tailor your care to your needs. When you decide to use Senske’s East Denver lawn care, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with the quality of lawn care services you receive and incredible customer service we provide.

The Senske Promise

We’re confident that you’ll agree we provide the best lawn care service within Denver and the surrounding areas; in fact we guarantee 100% satisfaction to all of our customers. If you’re not fully satisfied with the lawn care service provided, our licensed technicians will come back to the property and redo the job free of charge. That’s the Senske promise.

Our Lawn Care Services

Lawn Aeration in East Denver

With our heavy, clay soil, lawn aeration is one of the most important lawn maintenance treatments you can do for your yard. The goal of lawn aeration is to allow for better penetration of oxygen, water, and fertilizers to penetrate for a fuller and healthier lawn. Senske’s East Denver Lawn Care service accomplishes this by removing small cores of soil, grass, thatch, and grass roots.

For our area, we recommend lawn aeration at least once a year. The best time to aerate your lawn is after winter, in early spring, when your grass is not covered in rain or snow and the clay has come together again.

East Denver Lawn Care Fertilization

You may be surprised to learn that fertilization helps lawns in more ways than one. Our top-of-the-line treatments act as a nutritious weed, bug, and fungus control for your lawn. The amount of nutrients that a yard has is one of the most influential determinants of lawn health. If your Denver property is receiving the nutrients necessary to balance our high PH, and protect itself against pests, your lawn will be healthier, fuller and greener than ever. The best part? A full turf prevents weeds from having room to grow in the first place.

Prevent the damaging effects of bugs, fungus, and depletion of nutrients in soil and lawns and get on a path to less work weeding and worrying by using Senske!

East Denver Weed Control

Are you constantly removing weeds from your yard, and wondering why Denver weeds never go away? In Colorado, different weeds grow better in different seasons. This means yards require year-round maintenance.

The easiest way to control weeds is by using our professional East Denver lawn care and maintenance service. The most common types of weeds in Denver are:

  • Clover: Although there are over 300 species of clover, white clover (often called Dutch Clover) is the most prevalent species found in Denver yards. One tip from our professionals: Mowing lawns high can be a clover deterrent.
  • Dandelions: Their yellow flowers and green leaves are connected to deep tap roots. Seed heads that spread in the wind make it difficult to permanently remove this weed.
  • Spurge: This weed grows well in in our summer sun and typically appears in bark-dust and rocky areas around late summer.
  • Crabgrass: Known as finger-grass, and similar in color to the grass in your yard, this weed can sneak up unnoticed and take over a yards quickly.
  • Quackgrass: This noxious grass is common in lawns across the United States. You might hear it referred to as couch grass. It can oftentimes be mistaken for crabgrass, and is aggressive in outgrowing the desired turf around it.
  • Orchardgrass: Tall growth makes identifying this grass in your lawn easy, but removing it is another story. This invasive grass grows best in cool weather and produces green or purple flowers that draw in pest insects.

If you have weeds, we can help. If you don’t have weeds yet, the most effective way to control them is by preventing them in the first place. Senske specializes in weed prevention and weed control. We’ll work to ensure you maintain a weed-free yard through the entire growing season.

Request a free estimate from Senske to remove and prevent weeds for good! With just a little bit of professional lawn care help, your yard can be transformed back into a lush, weed-free lawn.

Lawn Insect Control in Denver

It can seem almost impossible to remove bugs from your yard once they appear, but with professional bug control it’s possible! Senske East Denver Lawn Care technicians are trained and experienced in bug prevention and lawn insect control.

In our dry area, many people who see brown spots in yards think their lawns need more water, and overwater without results; only to realize their yard has actually been invaded by billbugs. If your lawn is turning brown and dying, don’t waste valuable resources and money in water bills before we check your soil for grubs. Billbugs kill lawns by eating the roots of grass, which creates the appearance of a drought.

Extremely resilient, Billbugs are able to survive as larvae during harsh Denver winters and hot summers. They live in or below the soil level – which protects them from the freezing temperatures and cold nights. In the spring they turn into beetles and quickly lay eggs.

Webworms are another bothersome lawn pest. Small, white moths that fly around the grass when full grown, they survive as larvae during the winter by eating grass roots. Each moth can spend the summer laying hundreds of eggs to create an even bigger issue the following year.

Other lawn pests include grubs, ants, earwigs, and more.

East Denver Fungus Control

Blight, Mushrooms, and Necrotic Ring Spot are common to our area, though there are around ten fungi species known to infiltrate Denver lawns. Each fungi has a different effect on lawns. Their aesthetically displeasing appearance and damage can create huge problems for your yard if not properly controlled.

  • Necrotic Ring Spots – These create brown patches in yards and typically flourish during the hot months. They tend to die-down in the colder months, however, recurrent necrotic ring spot growth in the spring can permanently destroy grass.
  • Fairy rings – This fungi produces circles or rings as it feeds on thatch. If one fairy ring appears in your yard, you’ll want to address it before it becomes many.
  • Mushrooms – Mushrooms can grow from decaying organic material like tree stumps and roots under the surface of the grass. In order to eliminate mushrooms, the root or tree stump feeding the fungus should be removed.

Fungi can be controlled by making sure your lawn receives ample amounts of nutrients. Fertilization, oxygenation, and sunlight all help prevent lawn fungus.

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