Zika Virus Now in the United States

Zika has been in the news a lot lately, especially with the Olympics in Rio beginning this month. Our March blog had information about the virus and by now, most everyone has heard about the mosquito-transmitted disease. Unfortunately, it continues to spread and now has made its way into the United States. Virus on the […]

Salt Lake Lawns Under Attack from Pythium Blight

The current high-humid overnight temperatures in the Salt Lake Valley provide perfect growing conditions for Pythium blight lawn disease. Pythium blight is a fungus that can kill lawns in a little as 24 hours. Identification Dead spots and white mold are indicators of the disease. If a homeowner suspects the lawn is infected, they should […]

Pest Control – Clover Mites & Carpet Beetles

While clover mites and carpet beetles are among the most commonly found pests their behaviors are often poorly understood by both homeowners and pest management companies.  Understanding these pest’s biology and behaviors is critical to effective management. Clover Mites Clover mites aren’t insects at all, they are more like ticks and spiders.  Clover mites have […]

Necrotic Ring Spot – Lawn Care

What is a Necrotic Ring Spot? Necrotic Ring Spot is a fungus of turfgrasses.  During the winter, the fungus lies dormant in dead or decaying grass root tissue.  The fungus becomes active in the spring when lawns receive consistent water and temperatures fluctuate between 60°-75° F.  The fungus causes injury to grass by restricting the roots […]

Bermuda Grass: The Aggressive Take-Over

Bermuda grass can be a popular lawn choice for some areas in the U.S. with a hotter climate because of it’s resiliency to environmental conditions. Bermuda grass thrives in the heat and is considered almost drought-tolerant. However, in areas where Bermuda grass is undesirable, it’s inhabitance can create a large challenge for homeowner’s to remove. This grass will […]

Mowing Guide

On a nice spring or summer day, it is nearly impossible to drive through your neighborhood without spotting a homeowner mowing and trimming their lawn. That is because homeowner’s take pride in the appearance of their lawn and if that means giving up a sunny Saturday afternoon to keep up on it, they will do it. […]

Watering Guide for Your Lawn

Lawns require a lot of water, and since most homeowner’s see their lawn as a statement of pride, it is important to make sure to use proper watering techniques to keep it in its best health. Below, we will look at some easy steps to guide you through the watering process.   Make sure to […]

Spring Pruning Guide

Here is a spring pruning guide that is presented by The Old Farmer’s Almanac. This will provide information on how and when to prune all trees and shrubs. WHAT WHEN HOW Apple Early spring Prune moderately. Keep tree open with main branches well spaced. Avoid sharp V-shaped crotches. Cherry Early spring Prune the most vigorous shoots moderately. Clematis […]

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