Mowing Guide

On a nice spring or summer day, it is nearly impossible to drive through your neighborhood without spotting a homeowner mowing and trimming their lawn. That is because homeowner’s take pride in the appearance of their lawn and if that means giving up a sunny Saturday afternoon to keep up on it, they will do it. […]

Moss Problems in the Lawn

  Many homeowners will come across the problem of moss in their lawns and call in to find out remedies to get rid of it. Below, we will discuss what causes moss to better understand ways that you can control it. What causes it? Shade: Grass does not grow well in the shade and typically […]

Mushrooms: The Unsightly Fungus in Your Lawn

Did you know mushrooms have the ability to recycle agricultural wastes and actually feed off of decaying matter?   It’s a pretty interesting fact to ponder, but when mushrooms decide to take up a presence in a nicely groomed lawn they also have the ability to cause a headache for a homeowner. The most common […]

Spring Aeration & It’s benefits

Core aeration is the process of exposing your air to soil when you remove plugs of soil out from the turf. Core aeration allows water and nutrients to get deep into the root system and will improve the quality of your lawn. It develops stronger roots that will be able to withstand greater stress in the […]

Preventing Crab Grass in Your Lawn

Top tips for preventing crab grass in your lawn Apply pre-emergent herbicide before seeds have had to opportunity to sprout. The best time to do this is when the soil temperature is over 60 degrees. Watering your lawn deeply will prevent it from becoming infested with crab grass since crabgrass flourishes in the sunny, moist […]

Early Spring Green Up

Spring is right around the corner, and your lawn is starting to wake up and it is hungry for nutrients to help it start growing again. The best way to get your lawn off to a great start this season is by applying an early spring green up application. This green-up will bring your lawn out of […]

Spring Yard Clean-up

The snow has melted and the birds are chirping. Spring is right around the corner and your lawn is now looking like a complete disaster area. This time of the year is when homeowners will need to do some major spring cleaning, not only in their homes but also in their yards. The best way to get your […]

Tips to Prepare your Lawn for Spring

With Winter on its way out the door, you probably have your eyes set on warmer weather and sunshine. Before homeowners get settled in with warmer temperatures, the best advice we can give is to first prepare the lawn for longer days and more activity outdoors.   Here are some simple ways to get your lawn ready for the warmer season. Remove […]

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