pythium blight

The current high-humid overnight temperatures in the Salt Lake Valley provide perfect growing conditions for Pythium blight lawn disease. Pythium blight is a fungus that can kill lawns in a little as 24 hours.


Dead spots and white mold are indicators of the disease. If a homeowner suspects the lawn is infected, they should call a lawn care professional right away as immediate treatment is recommended to protect the lawn.


There are steps that homeowners can take to limit the risk of Pythium blight attacks. According to David Trumbla, Senske Services Salt Lake City Branch Manager, “they should take care to water less frequently and only in the mornings. Lawns should dry out between watering cycles and need to be dry before nightfall.”

Trumbla also recommends limiting watering to 3 to 4 times a week and to avoid mowing when the lawn is damp or wet.

IMG_0677 IMG_0678  pythium blight fungus

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