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Spokane Lawn Care & Tree Service

In need of lawn care services of Spokane, WA? Senske has provided the residents of Spokane and surrounding areas including the Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake with the very best lawn care and tree care services since 1947. Our lawn care and tree care experts have literally worked in the Spokane region for generations. We understand the challenges of maintaining an attractive yard in our region’s unique climate. Whether you’re having issues with a crabgrass infestation, turf mold, or tree disease, our trained experts can help.

We know each lawn and yard is unique and we take the time to learn what is happening in your outdoor space. After a free estimate we work with our clients to craft a unique plan of semi-annual treatments that are backed by the Senske Guarantee, which means they are guaranteed to transform your yard into the beautiful green space that you and your family have dreamed about having without the hassles.

While the Spokane area can offer many challenges when it comes to maintaining a beautiful healthy yard and the experts at Senske are ready to assist. Our services include lawn fertilization, tree pruning and trimming, lawn aeration, and other services. We have you covered from common lawn diseases such as red thread, necrotic ring spots to weed control, sprinkler repair, and more.

Don’t wait another year to start enjoying your outdoor space. Contact our local Spokane branch location and get a free estimate!

Serving Spokane and surrounding areas. Our Senske branch location in Spokane allows us to better serve our neighbors in the following communities:

  • Airway Heights
  • Cattaroy
  • Cheney
  • Colbert
  • Deer Park
  • Elk
  • Fairchild Air Force Base
  • Four Lakes
  • Liberty Lake
  • Mead
  • Medical Lake
  • Mica
  • Newman Lake
  • Nine Mile Falls
  • Otis Orchards
  • Rockford
  • Valley Ford
  • Veradale
  • Clayton
  • Greenacres
  • Spangle

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Lawn Care Program

Comprehensive Treatment

Starting at $4999 Per Treatment *Prices vary by location and property sizes
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Pest Control Program

Full Service Year Round

Starting at $8999 Per Treatment *Prices vary by location and property sizes
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Tree Care Program

Year Round Protection

Starting at $6999 Per Treatment for Spraying* *Prices vary by location and property sizes
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Residential Lawn Care Services in Spokane

Senske Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Program

Senske lawn care services help keep your lawn greener and healthier.  With our convenient service plans, you can have a beautiful lawn hassle-free.  Our lawn services include: removing weeds, treating lawn diseases, and eliminating grubs and other lawn pests.
A colony of Carpenter ants.

Pest Control

Senske has been operating in Spokane, Washington since 1947. We pride ourselves on our long history as a pest control company and as part of this community.
Senske Tree Care Service

Tree Service

Why should you use Senske's Spokane Tree Service? After more than 75 years serving the Spokane area, Senske Services knows our region’s tree needs well.

Other Residential Services in Spokane

  • Bare Ground Weed Control Services

  • Event & Holiday Lighting Decor

    Celebrate the holidays this year with a display of sparkling outdoor lights, beautiful wreaths or yard decorations. Our professional Spokane Christmas light installation crew will take care of everything. Read More >
  • Lawn Aeration Services

  • Lawn Fertilization Services

  • Noxious Weed Control

  • Lawn Overseeding Service

  • Bush Trimming and Shrub Pruning Services

  • Shrub Bed Weed Control

  • Sprinkler Winterization Services

  • Sprinkler Start Up Services

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

    Why should you use Senske's Spokane Tree Service? After more than 75 years serving the Spokane area, Senske Services knows our region’s tree needs well. Read More >
  • Lawn Disease Control Services

  • Lawn Weed Control Services

  • Sprinkler System Repair

    S​enske helps Spokane residents and businesses with sprinkler repair and maintenance ​and sprinkler blowout in the fall. Contact us for complete Spokane sprinkler repair. Read More >
  • Mosquito Control Services

  • Bird Control Services

  • Tree and Stump Removal Services

  • Tree Insect & Disease Control Services

  • Deep Root Watering Services

  • Revive Lawn Treatment Services

  • Liquid Lawn Aeration

Senske Professional Packages

Commercial Lawn Care Services in Spokane

Do You See These in Your Yard?

Lawn Diseases and Weeds to Look Out For

Weeds, Lawn and Tree Diseases Common for Spokane

Senske lawn care in Spokane enables a greener and healthier lawn without the hassles and time commitment needed to maintain it yourself. We’ll also help you remove weeds, treat problem areas and eliminate grubs and other lawn pests. Senske Services has been providing residential and commercial lawn care services to communities in the Northwest since 1947.

Our Spokane lawn care services reflect our commitment to quality in all aspects of lawn treatment services and lawn maintenance. Learn more about Spokane weeds and lawn diseases we solve:

More info on our Lawn Care Services in Spokane

When it comes to lawn care in the Spokane and Spokane Valley, it helps to have an ally. The Spokane region’s soil is challenging  mixture of sand, clay, loam, and river or Basalt rock. These types of soils can be barriers to maintaining a healthy, green yard.

Our decades of experience providing lawn care, weed control and fertilization services around the Spokane region have taught us how to tame even the toughest lawn care challenges. We prevent Inland Empire lawns from being taken over by weeds, insects and lawn disease.

Senske Lawn Care Services

We provide a multitude of lawn care services for both residential and commercial customers in Spokane:

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding Services
Lawn Fertilization Services
Weed Control Services – Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent
Lawn Pest Control Services
Lawn Disease Control Services

Choose us for year-round lawn care. We administer reliable seasonal and year long yard maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Find out more about the commercial lawn services we offer.

Lawn and Yard Overseeding

Are you troubled by bare spots in your yard that produce a constant eye-sore? Overseeding can reduce thinning turf. Overseeding is a technique that is accomplished by using a specialized machine to plant seeds into existing grass. This lawn service method enhances the health and color of your yard by introducing seeds of different grass varieties.

Overseeding is an alternative and less-expensive method to completely tearing up grass and replanting from scratch. The best time to overseed a lawn in the Spokane area is in the late summer and fall.

Residential Lawn Fertilization Services

Lawns require more nutrients than just carbon dioxide to flourish. Most soil does not provide the essential nutrients required for the optimum growth of grasses and shrubs. Even if your soil is rich with nutrients, grass and shrubs deplete those nutrients over time. Soil constantly needs to be given additional nutrients in the form of fertilizer.

Fertilizing a yard is a crucial part of lawn care maintenance. Without the required nutrients, the quality of the grass will be compromised. Additional nutritious elements help to build healthier, fuller and more aesthetically pleasing looking grass.

Another benefit of fertilizer is the reduction of weeds. Weeds grow easier in yards that have splotchy grass than yards that are filled with strong vibrant grass. Call Senske Services today for Spokane lawn fertilization and request a free estimate for lawn service.

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