Salt Lake Lawns Under Attack from Pythium Blight

The current high-humid overnight temperatures in the Salt Lake Valley provide perfect growing conditions for Pythium blight lawn disease. Pythium blight is a fungus that can kill lawns in a little as 24 hours. Identification Dead spots and white mold are indicators of the disease. If a homeowner suspects the lawn is infected, they should […]

Necrotic Ring Spot – Lawn Care

What is a Necrotic Ring Spot? Necrotic Ring Spot is a fungus of turfgrasses.  During the winter, the fungus lies dormant in dead or decaying grass root tissue.  The fungus becomes active in the spring when lawns receive consistent water and temperatures fluctuate between 60°-75° F.  The fungus causes injury to grass by restricting the roots […]

Senske Snapshot – Tree & Shrub Early Season Disease

Tree and shrub issues can be difficult to diagnose, but leaf inspections can provide some key indicators of fungal presence.  Two of the most commonly observed early season leaf spot diseases caused by fungi are anthracnose (pronounced an-thrack-nose) and powdery mildew.  Here are some identification and management tips for both. Anthracnose Anthracnose also known as leaf […]

Mushrooms: The Unsightly Fungus in Your Lawn

Did you know mushrooms have the ability to recycle agricultural wastes and actually feed off of decaying matter?   It’s a pretty interesting fact to ponder, but when mushrooms decide to take up a presence in a nicely groomed lawn they also have the ability to cause a headache for a homeowner. The most common […]

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