How To Spot and Avoid An Overwatered Lawn

Do I Have an Overwatered Lawn? An overwatered lawn isn’t just unhealthy, it’s a symbol of wasted resources, including water and money. Learn how to avoid overwatering your lawn by following some of these simple steps that will help you calculate how much water your lawn needs and when are the best times to run […]

Lawn Watering Guide – Quench Your Lawn’s Thirst

Senske considers the challenges of landscaping and yard maintenance in hot climates, which is why this lawn watering guide can answer some important questions when the temperature outside begins to rise. Quenching your lawn’s thirst and caring for the general health of your lawn and the surrounding landscape depends strictly depends on how often you […]

How Do Sprinkler Blowouts Work?

As you prepare to winterize your sprinkler system, one important step you will want to consider is a sprinkler blowout service. This professional service will ensure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is not at risk for damage from freezing water, so you can enjoy full use of it in the spring. At Senske, we […]

Common Sprinkler Problems and What to Do

Sprinkler systems can save your lawn in a hot and dry summer, but if they aren’t working properly, your investment is going down the drain. If you’re having problems with your sprinkler, your local Senske team can help, but you may want to troubleshoot maintenance issues too. Here’s a closer look at some of the […]

How to Take Care of Grass During Drought

Summer drought conditions can wreak havoc on even the hardiest of lawns. When it comes to helping your grass survive through a drought, persistence is key. In the West, we can expect to experience long periods of dry conditions during the summer months. These lawn care tips are intended to help you get your lawn […]

Expert Lawn Watering Tips

The warmer months bring vital sunshine to your lawn, but could also potentially harm your grass if you are not properly watering your lawn. Luckily the experts from Senske have some helpful tips for watering your lawn to get the most out of the growing season. There are many factors in caring for your lawn, […]

Watering Guide for Your Lawn

Lawns require a lot of water, and since most homeowner’s see their lawn as a statement of pride, it is important to make sure to use proper watering techniques to keep it in its best health. Below, we will look at some easy steps to guide you through the watering process.   Make sure to […]

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