When To Start Lawn Care After Winter

Wondering when to start lawn care after winter? As winter loosens its hold and signs of spring emerge, homeowners and property managers turn their attention to revitalizing their lawns after months of dormancy. The transition from winter to spring marks a critical period for lawn care. With proper attention and timing, property owners can nurture […]

5 Tips and Safety Risks for Installing Christmas Lights

The winter season has quickly approached and so has the need for snow removal and Christmas light installation. The holiday season is the coziest time of year filled with warm drinks and delicious food but it also comes with some less appetizing seasonal work like shoveling snow and hanging lights. Read these five safety risks […]

Grey Snow Mold

Western Washington lawns might be seeing an increase in Snow Mold cases. Lawns that looked great last fall are now starting to look pretty ugly! Snow Mold lawn disease can affect most all types of grasses that must endure a period of freezing temperatures and snow cover. It is often the first disease of the […]

What is the Difference Between Moles and Voles?

Although they may sound similar and cause similar damage to your property, moles and voles are actually quite different animals. While they are small, both voles and moles can cause extensive damage to your lawn and garden plants if left alone. Are you experiencing lawn damage caused by a mysterious pest? Your lawn could be […]

Winter Storm Safety Checklist  

Is your business prepared for winter weather? Failure to prepare for a winter storm could leave you at risk, both for injuries on your property and for unnecessary and unwanted closure due to snow that hasn’t been removed properly. This winter checklist will help you make the necessary plans for preparedness, to ensure your business […]

Commercial Snow Removal – Why Choose Senske?

Winter is coming, and with it comes ice and snow. Keeping your driveway and parking lot clear can be a full-time job for property owners in the winter. Yet you need these areas to be clear to ensure the safety of your staff and your customers. Senske offers the services of a professional snow removal […]

How Do Sprinkler Blowouts Work?

As you prepare to winterize your sprinkler system, one important step you will want to consider is a sprinkler blowout service. This professional service will ensure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is not at risk for damage from freezing water, so you can enjoy full use of it in the spring. At Senske, we […]

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