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Winter is coming, and with it comes ice and snow. Keeping your driveway and parking lot clear can be a full-time job for property owners in the winter. Yet you need these areas to be clear to ensure the safety of your staff and your customers. Senske offers the services of a professional snow removal company that can ensure your building stays accessible, even in the harshest of winter weather.

At Senske, our company has a fleet of snow plow trucks that are ready to hit the streets at the first sign of snow. These state-of-the-art machines will clear your parking lot and sidewalks so your customers and employees can safely navigate on your property. We have quick-response service, and will start mobilizing the moment snow starts to fall. You never have to worry about a pending snowstorm again, because you’ll have our trained, experienced snow removal team on the job.

From Snow Removal to Deicing – Our Services

When winter weather hits the area, you can turn to Senske for all of your commercial snow removal needs. Our snow removal services include:

  • Snow plowing
  • De-icing
  • Sidewalk shoveling
  • Snow hauling
  • Sidewalk ice clearing
  • Maintenance

No matter what the weather sends, we have the equipment and team to properly care for your facility. We service hospitals, retail centers, shopping malls, warehouses, churches, schools, industrial centers, and more. If you have a commercial property, and want to ensure it’s always ready to serve your clients or customers, you need Senske’s snow removal service. From sidewalk snow removal, deicing, and plowing, we have you covered.

Reserve Your Time Now

Uncleared sidewalks and driveways after winter storms are a serious liability. You have a responsibility to provide your clients and employees with a safe facility, including your outdoor areas. Our full-service snow removal team is ready to assist. Partner with a trustworthy commercial snow removal company now by calling Senske to reserve your time for snow removal services. Ditch the snow blower in exchange for professional snow removal with one call to Senske today.

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