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With snow right around the corner, it is important to review the proper protocol when handling snow and ice on our walkways to ensure that we keep our friends and family safe from injury this season.

  1. Make sure to shovel the snow promptly. Keep in mind that the longer the snow has a chance to stay on the ground, the better chance of ice forming. There is really nothing that works better to remove the snow than to use a shovel.
  2. When the ground is below freezing (but still above 15 degrees Fahrenheit), using rock salt is the best remedy to melt the ice. Rock salt helps lower the freezing point of water, so it prevents ice from forming until it reaches a much colder temperature. The best way to distribute rock salt is by using a hand-held spreader; however, this is not necessary.
  3. When the ground reaches a temperature of below 15 degrees Fahrenheit, try using calcium chloride. Once again, this substance can help lower the freezing point of water. It can work in temperatures up to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Please be careful while using this substance as it can cause damage when not removed from your concrete quickly.
  4. You can also use sand to help with the slicker areas. Sand will help improve traction and provide a safer walkway.
  5. All of these tips will work great but you will still want to make sure to use a shovel to scrape away the ice or else the water will just end up freezing again.

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