Mother Nature doesn’t stand still, so why should your lawn care routine? Temperatures, rain patterns, insects, and other environmental factors vary wildly throughout the year. Seasonal lawn care is essential to help your plants and grass adapt. Senske has the expertise and equipment to nurture your lawn no matter the season. In addition to offering fertilization, aeration, and other critical services, we also empower you to take lawn care into your own hands. Through the following seasonal lawn care tips, we give you the information you need to maintain a lush, beautiful lawn.

Seasonal Lawn Care Service

It’s important to prepare for the specific nuances that each season brings. This means providing different lawn care during:

• The Spring- Spring provides warm weather for healthy grass growth. You should thus use this season to aerate the soil, apply fertilizer, and eliminate seeds and pests in their early stages.

• The Summer- During summer, grass will grow in earnest. Your job is to keep it under control with frequent mowing, as well as to make sure it gets enough water to stave off insects and weeds.

• The Fall- During fall, you must prepare your grass to make it through the winter. This involves applying fertilizer that will ready it for cold weather. You must also kill pests and weeds before hibernation.
The more specific you are about timing lawn care, the easier it is to take advantage of seasonal weather patterns. Senske Services takes all these changes into account, setting your lawn up for success.

Seasonal Weed Control

Weed control is an ongoing battle, but your strategies must change with the season. During spring, spray herbicides and pluck growing weeds; this prevents invasive plants from taking root for later seasons. If any remain in the summer, eliminate them before they bloom, as they will spread their seeds after maturing. Spray herbicide again in early fall to poison weeds while they are preparing for hibernation; this will minimize the number of weeds you have to deal with the following year. Senske Services offers a variety of weed control options whenever you need them, along with free price estimates to help you make a budget.

Seasonal Lawn Fertilizer

In most climates, the best time to fertilize your lawn is late spring, as this will give your plants enough nutrients to thrive during the summer. You should also fertilize in the fall with a product that contains large amounts of potassium so that your grass will be ready for the winter. Fertilizing in the summer encourages excessive growth, and should thus be avoided. Senske provides carefully-timed fertilization services for all our clients.

Seasonal Lawn Insect Control

Insect control is necessary all year, but the specific pests vary by season. During fall, lawns should be sprayed so that insects will not survive to hibernate during the winter. Make sure your pesticides are suited to the particular insects you’re dealing with; those aimed at above-ground bugs, for example, will not affect grubs. In the spring, you should remove dead plant material and use preventative pesticides to stop insects from invading. During summer, insect control is often as simple as watering your plants, which makes them healthy enough to resist pests. Senske offers a full range of insect control services.

The Importance of Seasonal Lawn Care

No type of lawn care is more sensitive to seasonal differences than aeration. In general, you should aerate your soil at the start of fall so that water and fertilizers can fully nourish your plants before the winter. Then aerate it again in spring to counter the tendency of soil to become more compact in the winter. In the summer, you should only aerate if you use warm-season grass. While these lawn care tips will help you take many matters into your own hands, there’s no substitute for the support of a qualified landscaping professional.

With more than 75 years of experience in lawn care, Senske knows exactly how to keep your plants healthy. For more information or to request a free estimate, call 877-944-4007 or contact us today.

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