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As you prepare to winterize your sprinkler system, one important step you will want to consider is a sprinkler blowout service. This professional service will ensure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is not at risk for damage from freezing water, so you can enjoy full use of it in the spring. At Senske, we offer comprehensive winterization services, including sprinkler blowout service, to ensure your home and its irrigation systems are ready to weather the cold temperatures of area winters.

Are you curious about what a sprinkler blowout entails? Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when you partner with Senske to winterize your sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Blowouts Step-by-Step

What exactly is involved with a sprinkler blowout? When you call Senske for sprinkler blowout services, our team will follow a proven system that will remove as much water as possible from your sprinkler or irrigation system. Here’s what that entails:

Step 1 – First, we turn off the water to the sprinkler system.

Step 2 – The Senske team will manually drain the system’s water. However, this process does leave behind a little bit of residual water.

Step 3 – Next, the team will attach a professional-grade air compressor to the system, using a precise amount of air and pressure to blow all the remaining water from the lines, pipes, and other parts of your sprinkler system.

Step 4 – The team will continue pushing air through the system while cycling through control valves to remove as much water as possible from all of the pipes.

Step 5 – Leave the water off until spring.

We use a professional grade air compression system that creates more power than is possible with home-use systems. When you partner with a professional for this process, you can be confident that the right amount of pressure is used to fully remove all of the water, without damaging your sprinkler system.

Why Do I Need to Blowout My Sprinklers?

Many homeowners think that turning off the water to their sprinkler system is all they need to do to prepare it for winter, but this is not true. The pipes and hoses that run your sprinkler always have a little bit of water in them, and that water puts your system at risk in freezing temperatures. Sprinkler blowout service is an important step as you winterize your sprinkler system. If you don’t thoroughly remove the water from your system, or if you try to DIY your sprinkler blowout, you put your sprinkler at serious risk.

Any water left behind will freeze when temperatures drop. Freezing water expands, and this could damage your entire sprinkler system. You will be unaware of the damage until you turn on the sprinkler in the spring, only to find that your pipes or valves are damaged. This could mean thousands of dollars in repair costs, simply because of a little left behind water. Not only that, but leaks from your sprinkler system could cause flooding on your property, adding even more repair expenses. A sprinkler blowout performed by a trained professional is a cost-effective protection to prevent this catastrophe and ensure you get full use out of your sprinkler system for as long as possible.

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Winter is coming quickly, and with it the freezing temperatures that put your irrigation system at risk. Make sure your sprinklers are ready. Reach out to Senske today for a free quote for your sprinkler blowout.

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