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When it snows on your property, do you know what to do? Sure, employees can use shovels in hand to try to remove the snow, but do they know how to do so safely? Can you spare your team to spend hours clearing your parking lot? 

Leaving snow on the ground allows it to melt and refreeze, creating even more risk through ice and slush. Failing to properly remove snow and salt your sidewalks for ice puts your business at serious risk, including risk to your employees and your customers. Not only that, but shoveling and plowing is hard work, and your employees can suffer work-related injuries when the responsibility falls on their shoulders. Accidents and injuries cause costly downtime, preventing your company from moving ahead.

To avoid these problems and risks, you need commercial snow removal service. Senske has an experienced team that is ready to partner with you to keep your property safe and snow-free. We offer commercial snow removal services and are ready to partner with you to ensure your property stays as safe as possible, even with a snow storm.

What Does Senske Snow Removal Service Provide?

If you’re in the market for commercial snow removal, the team at Senske is ready to help. Our professional team offers a full list of commercial snow removal services. This includes:

Commercial snow removal — We will quickly remove snow from your commercial property, so you can enjoy full access for your employees and your customers.

Snow shoveling — In addition to removing snow from your parking areas and drives, we will shovel snow from walkways and areas where the plows cannot reach.

De-icing — Ice is a serious hazard for your business. Our snow removal service includes deicing for your property, which will help eliminate slick spots.

Snow plowing — Snow plowing is at the heart of our snow removal services. We have top-of-the-line equipment that will efficiently move snow from your driveway, parking areas, and roads, so you can safely get to your building.

Sidewalk clearing — Keeping sidewalks clear is an important part of protecting your liability. Avoid trip-and-fall accidents due to slushy, icy, or snowy sidewalks.

Snow hauling — Not only will we plow the snow, but we will also haul it away from your property. Avoid unsightly snow piles when we have multiple snowfalls in the year with the help of the Senske team.

Snow doesn’t have to be a frustration for your business. By partnering with a local snow removal company, like Senske, you can put your snow plowing and shoveling on autopilot, ensuring you always have access to your property, even when it snows.

Late Winter Snow Storms — Be Prepared

snow 3146420 640Snow season isn’t over. Late winter often brings snowstorms, and the warmer temperatures in this time of year create even more risk for your business. When the snow melts during the warm part of the day, then re-freezes overnight, you can suffer from black ice and other problems. In addition, rain this time of year can freeze the moment it hits the cold ground, causing iced-over surfaces that can cause accidents.

Senske has the knowledge and tools to keep your property safe. Our snow removal fleet has grown to over 100 snow plow vehicles, and we have the rest of the equipment to keep your walkways, parking lots, and driveways safe and snow-free. We will ensure everything is properly salted and treated, so you do not have unwanted slick spots, no matter what the weather chooses to do.

It’s Not Too Late. Get On Our List for Snow Removal Now

Senske still has openings for commercial snow removal service. We proudly serve the Tri-Cities, Yakima  and Spokane, Washington, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Falls and Boise, Idaho area, and Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah area. It’s not too late to protect your property and your customers. Snow is still possible, and we are here to make sure it does not impact your business negatively. Reach out today to schedule commercial snow removal service from your local snow removal company, the team at Senske.

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