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Spring is coming, and when it does the pests will start to come out as well. Taking decisive action against spring pests early in the season will help you protect your home and yard well. As you think ahead to spring cleaning, make sure pest control and prevention is part of your plan. Here’s a closer look at common spring pests, how to prevent them, and how to remove unwanted insects from your home once they’ve established residence.

When Do Pests Come Out in Spring?

Spring is a favorite time for several regional insects. The warmer temperatures cause them to stop hibernating and start looking for a place to nest and reproduce. Often, warmer temperatures combined with recent rain are the triggers that cause pests to come out and start creating problems for local homeowners. While the exact time that spring pests will come out varies depending on the weather and other factors, warm temperatures and rain are two common triggers.

What Spring Pests Should You Be Concerned About?

Which pests become the most active in the spring and have the potential to cause harm to you and your home? These are the ones that you need to work to prevent:

  • Carpenter Ants – Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they do build their colonies inside it, and in the spring they start looking for new nesting locations. If they choose the walls of your home, they can damage its structure, which is why you need to protect your home against them.
  • Pavement Ants – Pavement ants will sometimes work their way into your home to look for food. While they don’t hurt the home, they can become a major nuisance, and only professional pest control can keep them at bay
  • .Bees and Wasps – While honeybees are an important asset to the environment, wasps and yellow jackets are dangerous nuisance pests. In the spring they start looking for a new place to build a nest, and you don’t want that to be in your yard where your children and pets play.
  • Boxelder Bugs – Boxelder bugs become active in the spring, and they can swarm your yard and home. They don’t do any damage, but having swarms of these critters in your home is never pleasant.
  • Stink Bugs – Stink bugs enter the home through gaps in the doors or cracks around windows. They like living indoors where the temperatures are warmer, and like ants, can increase in numbers if you don’t keep them at bay. The last thing anyone wants is a swarm of nasty-smelling insects in their house!
  • Fleas – Spring is when fleas become more active. If you have pets, make sure you give them flea treatments and regular baths. If you have children, be on the lookout as the outdoors begins to warm up. Keep your home flea-free by using proper cleaning techniques or call Senske Services for greater peace of mind.

These are just some of the pests that become more active in the spring, and they are the more frustrating ones for local homeowners. If you’re dealing with any of these, it may be time for professional pest control help.

Prevent Mice, Rats and Other Rodents

house mouseEven if the weather starts to warm a little in spring, a cold snap could happen in the late winter and early spring months. A sudden drop in temperature could send scurrying creatures, such as mice and rats, looking for a warm place to nest, and that place could be your home! Rats, mice, and various rodents like to burrow into your home through the smallest cracks and openings. Be on guard that these little critters will be attracted to food that is not properly sealed, put away, or materials that would make a cozy nest. 

How to Remove Pests and Prevent Spring Insects from Getting Into Your Home

Understanding the pests that are active in the spring is just the first step in keeping your home pest-free. Prevention is much easier than learning how to remove pests once they have moved in. To prevent them, you need to do two things. First, identify and stop areas where they could be getting into your home. Caulk around windows and doors to eliminate entrance points. Second, remove sources of food. For many pests, food that is not stored in air-tight containers makes them want to come into your home and take up residence. Remove the temptation, and you will have better control over the pests.

If you have taken these measures and are still seeing signs of pests, or if you don’t discover the problem until the insects have set up camp, it’s time for professional help. Senske offers pest control services that will help you take the necessary steps to get rid of pests, even with tricky spring pests. 

No need to lose sleep over pests. If you are concerned about spring insects, call Senske for a quote today!

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