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The cold of winter doesn’t really inspire the desire to do yard work. However, winter is a prime time to consider giving your trees a probably much needed pruning. Winter tree pruning is a perfect time for home owners to give their trees some maintenance that will help them start spring with great head start.

Long Handle Tree PruningTree owners might ask a very simple question. “Why the heck would I want to prune my tree in the winter? Isn’t the winter when trees go dormant?”  The simple answer is “Exactly”. When trees go dormant during the winter they also lose their leaves, which gives home owners the perfect opportunity to see their trees shape and make proper adjustments, making winter tree pruning a crucial part of tree care. Also trimming your trees in the winter will remove any dead, or diseased branches and help your tree be as healthy as possible in spring, promoting fast and healthy growth.

The first step that tree owners want to take is removing any dead branches from trees. Dead branches can be a hazard of falling, causing potential damage to vehicles or any unlucky passersby. It’s also important to remove any thick areas of branches. These areas can make it hard for the tree to get sunlight and air at the crown of the tree, causing slowed growth. When removing these branches it’s important to cut the twig where the branch and twig meet, while making sure to not leave any stubs on the tree that can be used by insects to enter the branch.

This is also a prime time to remove any diseased branches from the tree. These branches should be cut off well below the infected area. Also it’s a good idea to clean your cutters with a solution made of bleach and water to help cut down on chances of the disease spreading.

Upclose Tree PruningWhile winter tree pruning is a great step to keeping them growing healthy and green, it can also be dangerous. It’s important to know your limits and call a trained professional when the situation calls. Environments when it is probably best to call a professional include: any time you have to use a ladder (ladders are one of the biggest contributors to home injuries), any time tree limbs are close to power lines, and when you are dealing with trees that still have storm damage and unstable branches.

Give your tree a jump start in the spring by taking care of some winter tree pruning. Your tree will thank you later. For more information on our tree care services call us today at 877-944-4007

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