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Lawns require a lot of water, and since most homeowner’s see their lawn as a statement of pride, it is important to make sure to use proper watering techniques to keep it in its best health. Below, we will look at some easy steps to guide you through the watering process.


  1. Make sure to water the lawn only when it really needs it. You will be able to tell when it needs water by the color of the lawn. When it turns a blue-gray in color, then apply a deep watering. It is also easy to decipher when the lawn needs a good watering by observing the length of time that footprints remain on the lawn and by checking the leaf blades to see if they have begun to curl.
  2. Water deeply when you do water. This will help encourage root growth as opposed to frequent and shallow water that only encourages weed growth.
  3. Water your lawn in the early morning. The best time is between 4:00 AM- 9:00 AM because the weather temperature is not dangerously hot and the water will not evaporate as quickly.
  4. Adjust the sprinklers as needed. If the water is hitting the sidewalk, it is not only wasting water but it is also not doing your lawn any good.
  5. Avoid run-off. Again, this is not only another waste of perfectly good water but it also notates that your lawn has not absorbed the water that you have been applying. Allow the lawn to fully take in the water before you keep applying more water.
  6. Water the drier areas by hand. Some areas will need more water than others but you should not be watering the entire lawn based upon that area’s need. It is best to hand water by hose or with a separate sprinkler to make sure this area is getting adequate watering.

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