Apple Maggot and Codling Moth

Apple and Pear growers beware!  Its is time to begin treatment for your Fruit trees.  These 2 can be a real menace to your crop.  Codling moth is usually present first they will lay eggs on the fruit or on a leaf, and the larva will burrow in to the core of the fruit to feed.  They will […]

The Real Story About Bed Bugs

The Real Story Behind Bed Bugs Were you paying attention in high school biology? Not to worry, we were and that is one of the reasons to engage a professional pest control company to take care of your home and protect your family from bothersome pests like bedbugs and spiders. Bed bugs are part of a group of blood […]

Introducing Surface Disinfecting Services From Senske

Keeping your business clean can feel like a full-time job. Even once you’ve tidied everything, you may not know if the surfaces are truly disinfected? With concerns about the coronavirus causing businesses to take extra precautions, you may find yourself asking questions about the best way to clean your facility. We now offer local disinfecting […]

Invasive Pest Alert – Houdini Fly in Washington

  The state of Washington is facing a serious risk from an invasive species known as the Houdini fly. Because it targets the critical mason bees, one of the area’s most important agricultural pollinators, its presence in the state is a danger. The Washington State Department of Agriculture has issued a report in regards to […]

Common Sprinkler Problems and What to Do

Sprinkler systems can save your lawn in a hot and dry summer, but if they aren’t working properly, your investment is going down the drain. If you’re having problems with your sprinkler, your local Senske team can help, but you may want to troubleshoot maintenance issues too. Here’s a closer look at some of the […]

Common Summer Pests

What’s your least favorite part of summer? For many people, the answer isn’t the heat; it’s the swarms of ants, cockroaches, and other insects that the season brings. From spreading disease to eating our food to harming the structural integrity of our homes, these bugs produce a host of problems that can quickly grow out […]

Pruning for Safety

When spring arrives, thoughts turn towards the great outdoors. For property owners, this can mean yard maintenance. Warmer temperatures mean that trees and shrubs that were dormant during winter months are springing back to life. Senske recommends having trees and shrubs pruned, not only will they make your property appear better, pruning can also remove […]

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