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Senske News For all media inquiries, please contact: Becca Presley – Vice President of Marketing & Communications – 509-727-1388 7/30/2018  Senske Lawn & Tree Care announces the acquisition of assets of LawnTech, a lawn and tree care and pest control provider based in Idaho Falls, Idaho.Read more here. ​ 2/28/2017 Senske Services is the latest […]

Apple Maggot and Codling Moth

Apple and Pear growers beware!  Its is time to begin treatment for your Fruit trees.  These 2 can be a real menace to your crop.  Codling moth is usually present first they will lay eggs on the fruit or on a leaf, and the larva will burrow in to the core of the fruit to feed.  They will […]

Senske Announces New Name and New Website

1/8/2013 Senske Lawn & Tree Care is now Senske Services, which also encompasses Senske Pest Control as well as Christmas Decor by Senske. In addition, Senske also launched a new website with easier navigation for the user to search for all Senske service areas to learn more about what each service offers.  Read more here.

The Real Story About Bed Bugs

The Real Story Behind Bed Bugs Were you paying attention in high school biology? Not to worry, we were and that is one of the reasons to engage a professional pest control company to take care of your home and protect your family from bothersome pests like bedbugs and spiders. Bed bugs are part of a group of blood […]

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