5 Tips and Safety Risks for Installing Christmas Lights

The winter season has quickly approached and so has the need for snow removal and Christmas light installation. The holiday season is the coziest time of year filled with warm drinks and delicious food but it also comes with some less appetizing seasonal work like shoveling snow and hanging lights. Read these five safety risks […]

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass – Removal Tips

There are not many things that destroy the look and feel of a yard faster then an infiltration of crabgrass. This blue-green weed that grows low to the ground while spreading its long spindly leaves like crab legs, spreads quickly and can be very difficult to eliminate once established. As with most cases, the best way […]

Crabgrass Prevention Tips

Crabgrass, a low growing, blue-greenish lawn weed, can not only ruin the look of a well-maintained lawn but also weaken the soil below it. Crabgrass grows when the soil warms in the spring, when the soil temperature reaches between 55 and 60 degrees, and can spread quickly throughout the yard. Mature crabgrass plants can drop […]

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