The Real Story Behind Bed Bugs

Bats, birds and beds can all harbor bed bugs

Were you paying attention in high school biology? Not to worry, we were and that is one of the reasons to engage a professional pest control company to take care of your home and protect your family from bothersome pests like bedbugs and spiders.

Bed bugs are part of a group of blood feeding insects that contain closely related cousins with similar behavior but completely different hosts – that is, the source of the blood they live on.

There are about 88 species worldwide of bed bugs and their cousins. They’re notorious as parasites of birds and mammals, including humans, with an interesting reproductive behavior.  And their persistence, as evidenced by the increasing numbers of household infestations on a global scale, make them a challenge to control.  Certainly, they are a challenge to live with.

There are only 12 species of bed bug related cousins found in the continental United States that feed on birds, bats and other mammals, and only three species in the world that use humans as hosts. Two of the human-hosted bed bug species are not normally found in the U.S. but instead live in tropical regions of the world. That’s the good news … we are normally concerned with only one animal that is sharing our bed with us, and we can use their biological habits to control them.

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