Lime Treatment for Your Lawn – A Guide

As the name indicates, lime is made from limestone which is a naturally occurring rock that is rich in calcium. The process of burning limestone creates lime, a treatment you can give your lawn that helps to balance the pH of the soil by adding calcium and reducing acidity. When soil is too acidic it […]

Early Spring Pest Control – Be Prepared

Spring is coming, and when it does the pests will start to come out as well. Taking decisive action against spring pests early in the season will help you protect your home and yard well. As you think ahead to spring cleaning, make sure pest control and prevention is part of your plan. Here’s a […]

April is National Lawn Care Month

April is National Lawn Care Month, in honor of the occasion, Senske Services is spreading a little love for one of our greatest assets, our lawns! Spring is in full swing, temperatures are rising, the sunshine is more apparent, soon flowers and trees will begin to bloom. It’s a time like this that homeowners should […]

Spring Pest Guide

The weather is getting warmer, and that means one thing – the rise of spring pests. As you start getting ready to spend time outdoors enjoying the spring temperatures, pests are starting to wake up as well, and they are looking for a place to live. In both your home and your garden, you may […]

When Should I Prune My Trees or Shrubs?

At Senske Services, we want to help you take the best care possible of every tree and shrub on your property. Pruning your plants is part of that care. Timing your pruning is just as important as doing the job, because the time when you prune will affect new growth and the overall health of […]

Spring Means Ants – Tips for Ant Control

Of all the pests you could find in your home, few are more unsettling than ants. These small but determined insects infest the deepest crevices of your house, making them extremely difficult to remove once they’ve gotten in. All pest ants are unpleasant, but odorous house ants are a particularly serious nuisance, as they can […]

Spring Lawn Care Tips

In the struggle to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful, spring may feel like a rare chance to rest. For once, the weather is perfect for grass growth. There’s enough sunlight for grass blades to expand out of the ground, but it’s not so hot that watering is a constant battle against evaporation. If you’re […]

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