What Lawn Care Should Be Done in the Fall?

Fall is a time when many homeowners stop thinking about their lawns, but this is not a good idea. Fall is actually a great time to start preparing your lawn for the coming dormant period and then the next growing season. With a little bit of attention to your lawn now, you can prepare it […]

Fall Pest Control Tips for 2018

Now that the weather is cooling down many of us will be spending more time indoors. This means unwanted guests will want to come inside too. From rodents to insects, here are some helpful tips that will better equip you to keep your home pest-free. Fall Pests That are Commonly Encountered Rodents Mice and rats […]

Fall Tree Care Tips for 2018

The fall is an excellent time to give your trees a little bit of TLC. As the leaves begin to thin and the growing season comes to an end, you can get a better picture of what your tree is really doing. By taking a few steps in the fall, you can protect your trees […]

Fall Lawn Care Tips for 2018

Fall is here, and with it comes thoughts of cooler weather, hoodies, and warm drinks. As your thoughts turn away from summer fun, you may, like so many homeowners, forget about lawn care, but this is a mistake. Fall is actually an excellent time to give your grass a little TLC so it will grow […]

Your Guide to Effective Fall Lawn Care

Maintaining a lush lawn is an ongoing battle. Between watering your grass and flowers, getting rid of weeds, ensuring proper aeration, and protecting everything from inclement weather, lawn care is difficult enough in a single season. The transition from summer to fall only makes it worse, with falling temperatures and decreased sunlight further complicating your […]

Senske Snapshot – Seasonal Effect On Grass

Cool Season vs Warm Season Turfgrasses are categorized as warm season grasses or cool season grasses depending on their tolerance of heat and energy producing characteristics.  Cool season grasses thrive in cool and temperate climates (60 to 70 degrees) whereas warm season grasses flourish in temperatures between 76 and 95 degrees.  The most common warm […]

Late Season Fertilization

What are the benefits of late season fertilization? Many homeowners may not realize how important late season fertilization can really be to their lawn’s health. However, late fertilization is a crucial step in a total lawn care program. Below, we will look at the top reasons why you should continue to apply fertilize even after […]

Late Season Lawn Watering

One of the most important factors for keeping grass healthy relies heavily on using correct lawn watering techniques. Typically during the fall season, you want to reduce the amount of water that you have been applying to your lawn in the summer months. The reasoning is because you will want to make up for the […]

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