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One of the most important factors for keeping grass healthy relies heavily on using correct lawn watering techniques. Typically during the fall season, you want to reduce the amount of water that you have been applying to your lawn in the summer months. The reasoning is because you will want to make up for the extra moisture in the air, depending on your location. A good rule of thumbshutterstock_62638759 to use for fall watering is to make sure that your lawn is still getting at least 1 inch of water per week. This can be done naturally with increased rainfall, but if the rain is not supplying enough water, then you’ll still want to make sure you are making up for the lack of water by using a hose or sprinkler.

One easy measuring tool that a homeowner can use to determine the amount of water a lawn is getting can be done using a tuna can and placing it in the lawn for one week to evaluate. This will allow you to see how close your lawn is to the watering goal, and then make necessary adjustments. You will also want to make sure that you are not overwatering, because this can actually cause harm to your lawn. Having a lawn that is too moist creates an environment for fungus and diseases to thrive.

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