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What are the benefits of late season fertilization?

Many homeowners may not realize how important late season fertilization can really be to their lawn’s health. However, late fertilization is a crucial step in a total lawn care program. Below, we will look at the top reasons why you should continue to apply fertilize even after the weather cools.

  1. Provides your lawn with a better fall and winter color.
  2. Speeds up the time required for a green-up in the spring.
  3. Increases shoot density.
  4. Improves root growth
  5. Enhances the storage of energy reserves.
  6. Reduces winter damage caused from snow, mold or diseases.


When is the best time to apply late season fertilization?

Typically, the best time to apply late season fertilization is when the lawn has stopped growing, but the ground has not frozen yet. This time frame can fluctuate in different areas, depending on weather conditions. The timing of this application is essential.

Why is the late season fertilization important?

The late season fertilization will help your lawn recover from summer injuries that are caused from heat, drought or disease. This application also increase carbohydrate reserves that will help store energy for next spring and will also help your lawn resist injuries.


The best results of this application are most efficient when applied with a fall lawn care program.


If you would like more information in regards to a late season lawn fertilization services or a complete lawn care program, please call your local Senske office and one of our representatives would be glad to assist you.

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