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April is National Lawn Care Month, in honor of the occasion, Senske Services is spreading a little love for one of our greatest assets, our lawns! Spring is in full swing, temperatures are rising, the sunshine is more apparent, soon flowers and trees will begin to bloom. It’s a time like this that homeowners should be preparing their lawns for a productive summer.

To encourage appreciation for the green, here are a few lawn care facts from our friends at the National Association of Landscape Professionals:

  • More than 3 in 4 U.S. adults have a home with a lawn and/or landscaping
  • 94% say lawn or landscape services were performed at their home in the past year
  • 81% did the work themselves
  • 44% hired a pro

That’s a lot of lawns!

  • 74% believe they know how to care for their lawn each season
  • 68% feel confident in their lawn care knowledge

The opinion of the majority of lawn owners, lawn care is a piece of cake! However, when that assumption is put to the test, the results are less affirming:

  • 64% falsely believe all grass needs to be fertilized in spring
  • 57% falsely believe if a lawn is not green it is not healthy
  • Nearly 1 in 3 admit they aren’t sure how often a lawn should be watered
  • 31% don’t know how to grow a healthy/lush lawn
  • 69% say their lawn could use improvement

The Result: The findings suggest that Americans are generally overconfident when it comes to their ability to properly care for their lawns.

Senske is here to empower you to care for your lawn with confidence. Regardless of your lawn care prowess, you could benefit from the lawn fertilizer, weed control, lawn aerating, and other lawn care services Senske provides. Give us a call for a free estimate and let’s start this season off right!

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