Bermuda Grass: The Aggressive Take-Over

Bermuda grass can be a popular lawn choice for some areas in the U.S. with a hotter climate because of it’s resiliency to environmental conditions. Bermuda grass thrives in the heat and is considered almost drought-tolerant. However, in areas where Bermuda grass is undesirable, it’s inhabitance can create a large challenge for homeowner’s to remove. This grass will […]

Common Lawn Weeds

Lawn weeds can cause a huge headache for lawn owners. Lawn weeds can seem to take over lawns out of no where and spread more quickly than they can be controlled. When dealing with lawn weeds control it’s important to remember that timing is everything. The sooner that lawn owners can take a proactive approach […]

Lawn Violets

Lawn Violets are mostly found in shady areas of the lawn where the soil is moist. Although lawn violets might be a great gift from a little boy, or girl to their parents, controlling lawn violets for adults can be rather difficult and will require multiple weed control treatments throughout the season. Not only will lawn violets spread […]

Preventing Crab Grass in Your Lawn

Top tips for preventing crab grass in your lawn Apply pre-emergent herbicide before seeds have had to opportunity to sprout. The best time to do this is when the soil temperature is over 60 degrees. Watering your lawn deeply will prevent it from becoming infested with crab grass since crabgrass flourishes in the sunny, moist […]

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