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NPMA mosquito breeding infographic

Zika has been in the news a lot lately, especially with the Olympics in Rio beginning this month. Our March blog had information about the virus and by now, most everyone has heard about the mosquito-transmitted disease. Unfortunately, it continues to spread and now has made its way into the United States.

Virus on the Move

As of late July 2016, the first cases of mosquito transmitted Zika were found in Southern Florida, a few blocks north of downtown Miami. As a result of these locally transmitted cases, the CDC has issued additional guidance for people living in and traveling to the affected areas near Miami.

What You Need to Know

While the virus is not in the markets that Senske serves, we still want to share information about mosquito control and remind you to be vigilant when traveling to affected areas. Our friends at the National Pest Management Association advise that mosquitoes can breed in as little as 1/2” of water – refer to the diagram for tips to prevent breeding grounds. You can also watch this short video with techniques to properly apply insect repellent. In addition, be sure to wear protective clothing outdoors whenever possible.


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