When Do Spiders Come Out?

It’s spider season! As the temperatures start to drop, you may start noticing an increase in the number of spiders visible in your home. This increase has led to some misunderstandings about these little pests, and the pest control team at Senske wants to make sure you have the right information so you can protect […]

Effective Tips for Spider Control

What is it about spiders? They are probably the most universally loathed pest out there, from their eight legs to messy webs, or how they seem to appear when you least expect them, spiders are nothing to shake a stick at. While most spiders are harmless, there are some whose venom is highly toxic to […]

Facts About Hobo Spiders

If looks could kill, then the Hobo Spider would be one of the most dangerous spiders in our service area. While this creepy spider does contain some venom in its bite, it is not considered by medical professionals to be poisonous to humans. The hobo spider was first reported in the United States in the […]

Fall Spider Control

With fall fast approaching, homeowners need to start preparing for the fall and winter months. This includes protecting their home from invaders, such as spiders, looking for a place to spend the winter. As the weather cools, spiders will look for places in your home to set up a nest and pass the winter. Here […]

Black Widows: It’s Time To Be On The Lookout

Summer is almost fully upon us, and along with it comes all the pests that start to become more and more visible. One of the most terrifying pests people can come into contact with is the Black Widow Spider. One of the three most venomous spiders found in the United States, black widows are a […]

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