These pesky insects are common in North America and can attack plants, both inside and outside. They are relatives of spiders and are a reddish-brown or a pale color with a small, oval shaped body. They arspidmitee usually found in colonies and live under leaves where they feed on the fluid that the leaves produce. This habit can cause damage to the leaves, causing them to turn yellow and eventually die off. You can identify a large colony with the large webs that accompany them.  These insects aren’t particular and can be found on most plants including flowers, trees, and houseplants.

The easiest way to control these spider mites is with insecticide. However, this can encourage growth at times if it kills off the larger insects that naturally prey on them. Spider mites can also build up a resistance to certain pesticides, so it is best to hire a professional to deal with these pests for you.

Here are some natural methods that will help deter spider mites from your plants.spideymite

  • Prune back infested leaves or stems.
  • Wash with a long stream of water
  • Plant natural enemies, such as ladybugs to ward off the pests.
  • Use a dormant oil in the early spring
  • Remove dust the leaves that attract mites (use a hose)

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